Advertise With Us is the fastest growing online publisher in Lebanon. We produce engaging content that the Lebanese audience wants to consume.

We focus on promoting Lebanon in a positive image. Our content reflects our goal – which in turn lifts our audience’s mood. When the audience is in a better mood, they are more receptive to your message.


Since our launch in the beginning of this summer, we’ve been gaining popularity quicker than the “industry leaders” who’ve been around for years.

Last Month’s Total Reach: 2 Million

Last Month’s Total Engagement: 150,000

Last Month’s Total Video Views: 215,000

Last Month’s Total Website Users: 110,000

Our Audience

The majority of our audience is between the ages of 25 and 34. The majority are female but it’s a close 50-50.


We cater to the Lebanese audience inside Lebanon as well as abroad. Currently, 35% of our audience live in Lebanon while the other 65% live abroad – primarily in Canada, United States or America, France, Australia, and the UAE.


What We Offer Brands

We are offering brands and advertisers the opportunity to advertise through the961 and place themselves in front of the Lebanese audience, inside Lebanon or abroad.

Branded & Sponsored Content

We offer Branded Content as well as sponsored content options. With Branded Content, the brand produces the content and we publish it on the961. On the other hand, Sponsored Content is produced by our team – while closely working alongside the brand.

Distribution & Social Discovery

What’s the point of publishing content online if no one will see it? That is why we offer a specific guaranteed reach. Content distribution is our team’s expertise. We’ll make sure your content is seen by your target audience.

Custom Campaigns

Have something specific in mind? Reach out to us and we can create a custom solution to meet your goals.

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