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Video Proves Lebanese Can Coexist – Muslim Choir Singing Christmas Songs In Church

The World can learn a lesson from us!

muslim choir singing christmas songs

I’m always trying to explain to my non-Lebanese friends how despite having 18 religious sects, we truly live in coexistence. Much better than most countries. This video of a Muslim choir singing Christmas songs in a Church just proved my point.

This all-girl Muslim choir is made up of orphans from the Imam Moussa al-Sadr Foundation. They were invited to sing Christmas songs at St-Elie Church in Beirut.
This video truly reflects what it’s like, politics aside, in Lebanon. Regardless of whether you’re Christian or Muslim, we can live in harmony. Claude eloquently (in French) compares/contrasts it to what’s happening in Europe.

I hope the world can watch this and learn a lesson from Lebanon.

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