Breaking: 1 Dead And 3 Injured In Explosion In Bekaa


A welding accident has led to yet another explosion in Lebanon on Thursday that left one dead and three injured.

A loud sound was heard in Taanayel in the Bekaa region as an explosion erupted near a mango ripening factory, according to local media.

The explosion, which other reports said erupted in a vegetable warehouse, reportedly took place after Syrian workers finished a welding operation at the location of the blast.

This new explosion comes on the 100-day after the harrowing Beirut Port explosion that left Beirut devastated. It too was also allegedly caused by welding work on that dreaded day.

The Civil Defense arrived quickly to the scene and the victims were taken to the Bekaa Hospital. An investigation has been launched to look into the explosion.

Just days ago, three people were injured in an explosion also attributed to welding work in the southern town of Zefta.

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