10+ Affordable Hotels for Your Stay in Beirut

It’s known worldwide that Beirut is one of the most expensive cities. When we think of getting on a discovery mission of Beirut’s hidden gems, we start thinking of a budget-friendly place to stay. It might seem hard to find a good one, but it is not impossible. Here, The961 has your back on the budget-friendly hotels you might want to check when planning to visit Beirut!


#1 Grand Meshmosh Hotel 

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Located in Gemmayzeh Saint Nicholas Stairway, Grand Meshmosh Hotel is an environmental, child, and pet-friendly hotel. The prices of the rooms start from 70$ per night with breakfast included.


#2 Hamra Urban Gardens

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Just off Beirut’s main buzz on Hamra Street, Hamra Urban Gardens (HUG) is a perfect fit for those with a passion for discovering the city’s renowned streets. Prices for regular rooms are $60-$80 per night for stays of less than a week, but the longer you stay the cheaper it gets!

Everyone staying at HUG benefits from a traditional Lebanese breakfast buffet for 3$ per person per day, from 7 AM to 11 AM, at Beit Em Nazih.


#3 Bella Riva Hotel 

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Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea at Manara in Beirut, Bella Riva Hotel offers standard rooms starting from 64$ per night only! Located at a 10-minute walk from the Pigeon Rock of Raouche, Bella Riva remains a destination with a lot of the city’s top attractions around.


#4 Talal Hotel 

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Situated in the heart of Beirut within a walking distance to Downtown, Talal Hotel is a group-friendly hotel offering a communal kitchen for people who prefer to cook. Rooms’ prices range between 17$ and 60$ per night, and you can enjoy all the sights nearby.


#5 Mozart Hotel

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Located off the American University of Beirut, Mozart is a 3-star property that has been hosting guests in Beirut since 2007. It offers rooms starting from 68$ per night with free breakfast, and an in-room dining with a kitchenette that comes equipped with a microwave, an electric kettle, and coffee/tea maker.


#6 Elysee Residence

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In the lively street of Hamra in Beirut, Elysee Residence offers studios and rooms starting from 60$ per night. Guests can enjoy a high diversity of facilities, leisure, and sports, along with charming destinations within a walking distance from the residence.


#7 B Residence

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Located in Ain Mraisseh with rooms starting from just 50$ per night, B Residence offers a luxurious and cozy stay for its guests. Besides several services and offers, guests can enjoy the nearby neighborhoods and their hidden gems.


#8 Plaza Hotel

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Built in 1954 on Hamra Street, the Mediterranean-style Plaza Hotel was remodeled in 2005. Offering rooms starting as low as 64$ per night, this hotel is the gateway to experiencing everything Beirut has to offer, including visiting a museum and a university campus nearby.


#9 Rawsheh 51

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Conveniently located in the Raouche district of Beirut, Rawsheh 51 is set less than 1 Km from Pigeon Rock. This 4-star hotel offers rooms starting as low as 50$ per night in addition to entertainment and family services. 


#10 Regis Hotel

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Situated in Ain el Mraisseh, Regis Hotel is one of the best budget-friendly hotels that offer rooms starting from 55$.  With views of the city featured in certain rooms, you can always enjoy a book or two from their library. 


#11 Divan Hotel Apartments

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Starting from 50$ per night, Divan Hotel Apartments is located on Hamra Street, one of the city’s famous lively streets. The hotel provides good lodging for 2 guests in Beirut, along with an exceptional discovery of the city’s gems.


#12 City Suite Hotel Beirut

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Located in Australia Street in Raoucheh, City Suite Hotel offers a luxurious stay starting at 65$ per night. With a free breakfast and a cozy ambiance, you get to enjoy its delicious cuisine and the city lights.  


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