10 Amazing Ways Lebanese Mothers Are Dealing with Coronavirus

Photo Credit: The Daily Star/Hasan Shaaban

Our Lebanese moms are our heroes, this is undebatable. That’s why Mother’s Day is so special in Lebanon. It would be quite difficult this year, though, to celebrate them like we wish, because of the coronavirus outbreak forcing us to stay safe at home.

That Coronavirus has been particularly challenging for them and their fierce protective stance when it comes to their family.

However, they are just tipping the table over and making it a challenge on the coronavirus to stop them from doing what they do best: Being a Lebanese mother!

This is how Lebanese mothers are dealing with the coronavirus:

#1 They’re taking extra risks

On normal days, Lebanese mothers make sure their families never run out of everyday needs. These days, they’ve been even overdoing it, like really overdoing it, stocking up in ways that homes look these days like minimarkets (of the essentials and non-essentials.)

#2 They’re homeschooling their children

There is no way on earth a Lebanese mother will allow virus or no virus to come in the way of her kids’ education. That’s a quasi-sacred thing in our culture, and mothers are seeing that not a day is missed.

So, homeschooling the kids it is!

#3 Sanitizing is the new black

That’s the new trend with Lebanese mothers, sanitizing like no tomorrow, every corner of the house, not just on a daily basis, but on and on at every turn.

It’s like they go on saying, “Oh no, not in my house, not here, out, out!” Never mind if they just did it an hour ago. No one jokes on safety with a Lebanese mother!

#4 They’re dealing with all the family members 24/7

God helps mothers with big families! No more break time with the enforced self-quarantine. While this is a great opportunity for families to bond, multitasking has tripled for our mothers.

Can you even imagine how many times the word “Mom!” is being shouted every day at each Lebanese house?

#5 They’re getting obsessed with extra-healthy measures

Making healthy food and Yansoun all day every day is quite the task. This is in addition to making the special Lebanese mother remedies:

“This is good for your immune system… Drink it all! And this also is good. It has Zinc. Yalla, eat, eat! (Have you wash your hands first?!)”

And they go on browsing the web to find about more ingredients that can help fight the virus.

#6 They’re the anti-corona cheerleaders at home

No place for fear of the coronavirus when moms are around. They cheer up everybody, especially their kids, keeping the house’s vibes positive and fun.

They’re getting to be more creative these days to entertain the kids; so if you see Oum Talal from your window, transformed into a clown, give her a round of applause. She earned it!

#7 They’re the family’s number one motivation

The simple (blessed) fact that mothers are around is keeping most people in check because no one wants to put their mothers (and fathers, of course) at risk. Their presence alone is a warning for all.

Then, again, it’s not like if your mom is going to let you act recklessly, is she now? She’ll be using that fact to emotionally blackmail you into abiding by the strict preventive measures.

Go ahead, moms, you’re allowed to do so. These are exceptional times!

#8 They’re the control-freak of the preventive measures

Every Lebanese mother is keeping herself updated on every little precautionary measure, and any updated single one. And she makes sure all at home are informed in detail and abiding by them.

Trying to sneak out without a face mask? Don’t you dare. Your mom is already there, at the door, with her most lethal weapon: the Shahata in one hand and the face mask in the other.

#9 They don’t let go of the checklist of all the symptoms

A regular cold or COVID-19? Moms have this figured out in no time at all. If hospitals in Lebanon are ever short-staffed, they might as well hire our mothers. You can bet they’ve all become Coronavirus experts by now and have all the emergency numbers memorized.

If anyone is going to get us out of this crisis is our doctors and our moms.

#10 They’re not afraid to call people out

The ministry is slacking? Lebanese moms will be the first to post about it. A kid is walking down the street? They won’t hesitate to call the parents and give them a lecture.

They know what is going on, and they know the dangers. Most importantly, they take action.

Ya Beirut – يا بيروت

Amazing ways Lebanese mothers are dealing these days with the coronavirus outbreak. It makes everybody feel safer!

Whether it’s a pandemic, the apocalypse or a zombie attack, they will find a way (many, actually) to protect their family.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the awesome Lebanese mothers out there!

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