10 Amazing Winter Getaways In Lebanon You Should Check Out

With everything happening around us, from mixed feelings of disappointments, depression, frustration, and anger, it’s a must that every single one of us takes a break and relaxes his or her mind, to continue life and its ups and down with a clear mind. 

Located in charming Lebanese spots and away from the city’s lights, the following getaways will offer you the perfect way to escape the chaos for a day or two! 

#1 The Chill Hill Experience

If you’re looking for an experience like no other, this destination in Wata Joz, Kesserwan is a must to consider. Cozy and equipped wooden lodgings by a lake, an almost surreal atmosphere with great scenery, who would want to miss that!

#2 ODOM Retreat

 Situated 14 km from Faraya-Mzaar Ski Slopes, Odom Retreat offers a phenomenal accommodation in domes-like units. Guests can enjoy delicious food, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, and a private terrace, as well as exploring the nearby Faqra Roman Ruins!

#3 Bay Lodge Hotel

Situated along Harissa highway, Bay Lodge Hotel was constructed to offer the guests a feeling of warmth and serenity while overlooking the Mediterranean coast stretching from Beirut to Byblos.

Boasting a relaxing atmosphere, a romantic ambiance, and a magnificent panoramic view, Bay Lodge is the perfect place to stay near Beirut and yet relax!

#4 InterContinental Mzaar

If you are looking for a luxurious getaway, you have to discover the world of InterContinental Mzaar Lebanon Mountain Resort & Spa!

Nestled amid snowy peaks at 2000m up the scenic Mount Lebanon, InterContinental Mzaar is the only 5-star ski address in the Middle East with a wide variety of year-round attractions for leisure and conventions.

You can enjoy a large number of activities, including skiing, snowmobiling, climbing, hiking, and biking.

#5 SOLEM Zaarour

“Where the Sun rises and sets.” Located on the Sannine hills, with a breathtaking view of Zaarour, SOLEM Zaarour features comfortable, luxurious bungalows. You can enjoy delicious food, a relaxing mood, and some beautiful snow! 

#6 Bouyouti 

Nestled amidst the lush green mountains in Maaser Beiteddine of Chouf, Bouyouti is a cozy family-owned place 16 guesthouses, a chef-run restaurant, and the ultimate escape. It is the appropriate place for couples to enjoy the peacefulness of Beiteddine and spend the weekend away. 

#7 My Stone Cellar Guesthouse

Located at the heart of the peaceful town of Douma, My Stone Cellar Guesthouse is set in a late 19th-century house with traditional Mediterranean architecture.

Overlooking Feghre Mountains and within walking distance of Douma old Souk and museum, the guesthouse also offers various activities, such as hiking, village touring, and cycling.

#8 La Maison des Sources

Tucked away in the charming village of Ain Zhalta, La Maison des Sources is a friendly, artistic, and historical place where you feel at home and disconnected from the city’s traffic.

Boasting a great ambiance and a breathtaking view of the Shouf Cedar Reserve, the 200-year old guesthouse is a perfect place for those thinking of discovering the surrounding area and enjoying the snow!

#9 La Maison de la Forêt

Located within Bkassine’s pine forest, La Maison de la Forêt is the ultimate place for a memorable and charming getaway. From exciting outdoor adventure, through quality food and rustic accommodations, you can enjoy a great escape in the fresh air. 

#10 The Pine House

A “wooden paradise” nested in Ighmid in the Keserwan mountain, this unique dream-like “house” is as romantic as it can get, with amazing views and indoor homey coziness.

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