10+ Best Lebanese Revolution Posts Spotted On Social Media

Social media has been the very best friend of the Lebanese revolution and the most reliable ally of the people of the revolution. Not flawless, but surely the best.

From planning and coordination posts and calls for pertinent support to satire and caricature posts, they are all playing their role in conveying the messages of the protesters.

Here are among the best and most recent posts spotted on Social Media:

#1 On the Electricity crisis

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?? يا ثوّار!!!!!

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“When the electricity cuts off, don’t light a candle, ignite a revolution. Stand up and move.”

#2 Revolution v/s Riots

“The difference between the revolution and the riots is that the rioter is moved by his hate while the person revolting is moved by love… Love for his country, love for his human fellow, love for his children, his people, his land. There is no revolution without love. #Lebanon_Revolts.”

#3 Home country v/s leader

“Love your home country, not your leader. #No_to_Strife.”

#4 Preserving the values of the revolution

“They want to turn it sectarian, we will keep it civil! They want to turn it political partisan, we will keep it patriotic! They want to turn it violent, we will keep pacific!”

#5 The Revolution, a state of spirit

It’s a reality. Riots and troublemaking can be possibly paid, but, not a revolution that brings up a nation to revolt in unity. 

#6 Allegiance to the Flag

“Our Flag is one.” A clear message that we ought to pay allegiance to the one and only Lebanese Flag, which comes first and foremost and above all. That’s genuine patriotism.

#7 Lebanon under construction

To build anew, one has to remove the rotten, the useless, and the harmful, and clear the space. Only then, one can construct the solid, the healthy, and the functional.

#8 Corruption prompted the revolution 

“If your hands haven’t committed the forbidden, we wouldn’t be in the street revolting.”

#9 That’s the “strong presidency” promised to the people

“During the strong presidency, we are in obscurity 24h/24h.”

#10 Our anger is not chaos

“Our anger is not chaos. Your failure is the cause of the revolution.”

#11 A message to the ruling officials

Roughly translates into: “Revert to your consciousness and be inspired by God in all that you do, because history will hold you accountable. Governance is a responsibility and every official person accounts in front of God and in front of his people; hence, beware of the anger of the people.” Bishop Elias Aoude.

#12 As the time of accountability has come… 

“It’s not my fault, they didn’t let me [work].”

#13 Protesters apologize for occupying the streets

“We apologize for the inconvenience. We are working for your sake.” Under renovation, under renovation, under renovation…

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