10 Of Lebanon’s Most Beautiful Waterfalls


Filled with snow-topped mountain ranges, sprawling green valleys, and sparkling blue beaches, the natural beauty of Lebanon is undeniable.

One particularly stunning feature of Lebanese geography is its abundance of waterfalls.

Whether in the north, south, or center, all are a sight to behold: here are ten of Lebanon’s most beautiful waterfalls.

#1 Balou Balaa

Famous worldwide, this waterfall in Tannourine is nothing short of a wonder.

Naturally formed of limestone and three bridges layered above one another, the Balou Balaa waterfall has attracted visitors from all around the world.

While the attraction is worth the trip year-round, it is ideal to visit in the spring when a stream of water shoots 250 meters down to the bottom of the cave and the surroundings are covered in green vegetation.

#2 Bqarzla

One of Lebanon’s best-kept secrets, the Bqarzla waterfall is located in the governorate of Akkar.

Just one example of the breathtaking nature in Akkar, make your visit to the north a day trip so you may explore this charming region while you’re there.

#3 Wadi Qannoubine

Found in the Bcharre district, this beautiful region- more famously recognized as the Cedars of God– is an official UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The melted snow of Mount Makmel helps form a stunning waterfall that surges into the valley below at an altitude of 1,500 meters.

#4 Afqa

At the source of al Nahr Ibrahim (the Adonis River), this waterfall gushes through a grotto 200 meters off the ground.

The waterfall is legendary: it is fabled to be the spot where the mortal Adonis met with the Greek goddess Aphrodite, before being killed by her jealous husband.

The river (as a result of deposition of minerals) turns red each spring, labeled as “the blood of Adonis.”

Not coincidentally, the area is also home to the ruins of the Temple of Aphrodite.

#5 Chouwen

The river of Nahr Ibrahim steadies at this heavenly village which is sure to leave you breathless at its beauty.

After paying a small fee, you may hike along a trail to the oasis of water where you are free to splash around and swing from ropes, exciting your inner child, and probably getting some great pictures while you’re at it.

#6 Sirjbal

Only a few villages away from Baakline, Sirjbal is a cozy, beautiful village, home to a quaint waterfall.

Located in a serene spot tucked away in nature, make sure to take your friends along with you for a picnic to fully enjoy your surroundings.

#7 Yahchouch

Yet another subsidiary of the valley of Nahr-Ibrahim, the Syriac name Yahchouch translates to “Suffering God” in reference to the aforementioned fable of Adonis.

This waterfall, glorious in nature, lives up to its legendary name. Hike one of the many surrounding trails and visit the beautiful village of Yahchouch when you go and see it for yourself.

#8 Kfarhelda

Surrounded by heavy foliage, visiting this waterfall will make you feel as though you’ve been transported into a movie scene.

Neighboring the red-roofed town of Douma, the waterfall is among the strongest in Lebanon, and combined with its tall height, is an incredible sight to see.

#9 Jezzine

Covered with pine forests, vineyards, and countless monasteries, Jezzine is an undeniable Lebanese gem.

Among its many waterfalls, Jezzine is the proud home of the world’s fifth tallest waterfall and the tallest in Lebanon, standing at about 904 meters above sea level.

This stunning waterfall is as beautiful as it is high, but make sure to visit it between September and May as it is seasonal!

#10 Baakline

Vibrantly blue and green, this waterfall is pasted straight out of a postcard.

Found in the Chouf district, the fall is famous for its picturesque and calming nature.

Make sure to hike the surrounding trails and visit the Baakline National Library while you’re there! Click here for more photos of this stunning village.

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