10+ Brilliant Events of the Lebanese Revolution

The Lebanese Revolution, which has been ongoing since October 17, 2019, has not only successfully gotten the Lebanese Prime Minister to resign. It has also become a major platform for lobbying, activism and political movements across the country. Whether marches for women’s rights, student marches, peaceful sit-ins, initiatives to take down political propaganda posters, and demonstrations to save Lebanon’s public spaces. The protests across Lebanon have indeed a beautiful message and agenda all throughout.


1. Protests in front of the Beirut Palace of Justice

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On November 6, 2019, hundreds of people protested in front of the Lebanese Palace of Justice in order to put pressure on the Courts to move forward with the corruption cases and prosecute those who have been accused or contributed to corruption.

This demonstration also called for justice for Hussein Attar, one of the victims of the protest.


2. The Women’s March from Mathaf to Riad Al Solh

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On November 3, 2019, a Women’s March took place from Mathaf to Riad Al Solh in order to fight the “sectarian and patriarchal regime” that has been victimizing and marginalizing women in Lebanon under archaic and even outrageous laws and rules.


3. Candles lit in open spaces across Lebanon

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Candles were lit across Lebanon in various public squares across Lebanon on November 6, 2019, carrying the slogan”The revolution is female.” That statement has been powerfully evident in the protests ever since anti-protest propaganda launched a slandering campaign against the women of the Lebanese Revolution

From banners and arts in the streets to video presentations on social media, the revolution has been spotlighting on its women and who they really are.


4. Hitting pots and pans off balconies in various regions of Lebanon

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Hitting pots and pans in support of the revolution by people, originally began in Saida on November 3, 2019, and it has since prompted for this event to take place in different areas across Lebanon every evening.


5. Decorating windows and balconies with the Lebanese flag

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On November 6, 2019, people across the country put up a Lebanese flag on their windowsills, their doors, as well as off all their balconies in support of the Lebanese revolution, and its proclamation of “One flag we all share.”


6. Students standing up to proclaim: We Are the Red Line

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Students across the country have been demonstrating outside their highschools and universities since November 6, 2019, refusing to attend their classes in order to protest corruption and unemployment across the country.

Some marches took all the way to the Ministry of Education and Higher Education building. As a student stated, “I’d rather lose an academic year than lose my entire future.”


7. Protestors organized a peaceful sit-in in front of Alfa and Touch buildings

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Over 200 protesters descended on the Touch’s headquarters in Beirut on November 5, 2019, demanding improvement in services from one of the two telecommunication service providers in Lebanon. The other telecom provider, Alfa, was the focus of a similar demonstration the same morning.  


8. Protesters gathered at Eden Bay to counter appropriation of public property

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Hundreds of demonstrators gathered outside the resort in Beirut to protest state corruption and the private appropriation of public land and tried to enter on November 5, 2019.


9. Protesters also took on Zeitunay Bay!

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A small number of protesters entered into Zaitunay Bay on November 5, 2019, where they sat on the ground and chanted slogans, demanding an end to seaside property violations and insisting that the area is public and not private property.


10. Adding history to Lebanon’s historic square

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There have been talks circulating that this monument which reads “revolution” should become a permanent fixture in the heart of the city!


11. Inclusion of women in the Lebanese National Anthem

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In an unprecedented move, which was long-awaited really, and initiated now by the Lebanese Annahar newspaper, the revolution is including the citing of women along with men in the National Anthem. A call to establish the concept of equality in the essence and roots of awareness.


12. Intellectual and education gatherings

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Protesters have been gatherings, every evening, in various sites across the country, around experts and members of civil society movements and getting informed and educated on their civic rights and constitutional procedures. 


These are just some of the many events and activities that the protesters have been holding with one main constructive purpose and which are only a reflection of who the Lebanese are of people seeking a better Lebanon for all the nation. 

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10+ Brilliant Events of the Lebanese Revolution

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