10 Cheesiest Slogans You See on Lebanese Cars and Vans

Because driving a “nude” and “sloganless” van or car is too mainstream, and assuming that you have read our previous listicle on Public Vans , we’re going to present in this article a top-10 list of the cheesiest and catchiest slogan types you usually bump into on the back of Lebanese vans and cars. Ready?! Let’s walk you through them! 


#1. The overprotective type – “don’t touch my car!”

Via Vladimir Maximov/vk

This one is very famous and overused, we agree to that, but question is, who would want to touch your car? And why would they in the first place? Is it a Lambo or a Ferrari dressed as Mercedes-Benz W108?


#2. The aggressive type – “La tettala3 ya lo7, shariha b tlou3 el ro7”   

Via Tenor

Meaning: “don’t envy my car, it costed me an arm and leg”. If you think about it for a second, what is the person using that slogan or placing that sticker trying to say? Does it mean for example that just anyone on the street would loot or steal his car? Another question, what if someone has accidentally looked at it? What would happen? Hmmm….


#3. The political type – “Ma3ak la akher nafas”

Via Tenor

“Standing by you till the last breath” and as such; usually belongs to those who would use anything to praise their political or religious leaders. This type does actually trend more during electoral seasons among other political events of course! Worthy to mention that similar slogans are often accompanied with music that was specifically composed for political and religious figures.


#4. The wise type – “Ma tousa2 b hada”

Via Meme Generator

As in, trust no one, popularly used by those who never miss a platform to lecture us about life. How can we not mention here the “womanizer wise type” that was stabbed in the back by most of the women he knew and decided to give us free lessons about love and faith?


#5. The tycoon type – “No time for love!”

Via Tenor

Well, the title speaks for itself here. Dudes who display this kind of texts are basically warning us all that they don’t have time for love and stuff. Beware girls, they’re certainly not your “bad boy” type.


#6. The biophile type – “3al matab dalla3ni w 3al autostrade walla3ni”

Via Tenor

The type who’s in love with life as it shows from his slogan. Question is, how to translate this Arabic dissertation to English? Will try. So he’s primarily speaking on behalf of his car (which sounds weird already), the car is asking him to pamper it on the bumps and to give it that speed boost on the highway. His way or the highway…


#7. The hopeless romantic – “Khabbini b albek Rola”

Via Serenata Flowers

The most popular type actually, because no social media application, no face to face interaction are ever enough for him to show his love and affection. Some popular slogans can be like asking his girl (Rola or any other and they may be too many) to keep him in her heart, to make him fall asleep on her chest and to water him from her blood…


#8. The Hani Shaker type – “Sebtak ghasb 3anni”

Via Amazon

You may be wondering why we haven’t placed this under #7, well, because the famous Egyptian singer Hani Shaker is a category on his own and a role model for too many peeps. Usually, the Hani Shaker gang, doesn’t mess with the lyrics whatsoever, they copy paste some of the most “depressing” verses of his music and hang them on the back of their cars/vans.


#9. The so-full-of-himself type – “Kibriya2i serr ghourouri”

Via Tenor

Meaning his ego is his pride; does this make any sense? Anyways, don’t you dare mess with these peeps’ ego, it’s harmful! Another catchy saying and ego reflection: “if you’re pride is a titanic, my ego is the iceberg”, too deep indeed.


#10. The “hilarious” type – “I am not normal, I am sezarien”

Via Tenor

Should we translate the above? Okay, fine! This statement is intending to show how “hilarious” our dude can be through playing on words and saying that he’s not normal, because as a matter of fact, he was given birth through a C-section surgery. Note that “sezarien” was copy pasted from one of the cars’ back, so question here: did the guy who have deeply thought about his statement even write “cesarean” right? Anyhow, that’s a good one bro, but not too good…



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