10+ Cleanest Beaches Along The Coast Of Lebanon

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Based on the recent findings of Lebanon’s National Council for Scientific Research, 8 of 31 beaches were flagged as highly polluted with dangerous (and gross) fecal bacteria and other nasties.

However, the research stated that many others were considered safe to swim in. Here are some of the cleanest beaches for swimming in Lebanon.

#1 Naqoura

Naqoura, after the city of Tyre and all the way south of Lebanon, has one of the cleanest and most beautiful beaches in the country.

#2 Tyre Reserve

The Tyre Nature Reserve Beach is not only clean and safe for swimming, but it also serves as a nesting ground for endangered sea turtles.

#3 Awali

In Saida, where the Awali River flows into the sea, the water was marked clean and safe for swimming.

#4 Rmeileh

The beaches of the beautiful Rmeileh are also clean and safe for swimming. The NCSR specified the seawater at Havana Beach.

#5 Jiyeh

Jiyeh, known for its many resorts, has clean seawater. The NCSR specified Pangea Beach during their research.

#6 Damour

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Beaches in Damour, just south of Beirut, were marked A-OK for swimming.

#7 Beirut rocky beach

Some beaches in Beirut were classified as very dangerous for swimming, but the rocky beach near the new fishing port passed the test.

#8 Maameltein

The NCSR marked safe the pebble-filled shore at Tamary Beach in Maameltein, Jounieh.

#9 Safra

The seawater is clean in Safra, around the Tabarja area, especially at the sandy beach cove.

#10 Bouar

Another clean beach between Jounieh and Byblos is the one in Bouar, however, the shore is rocky.

#11 Okaibe

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Swimming is safe at the beach in Okaibe specifically where Nahr Ibrahim flows out into the sea.

#12 Jbeil

Byblos is a popular spot and is one of the NCSR-approved best places for swimming.

#13 Batroun

The public beach in Batroun gets pretty crowded in summer with tourists and locals alike.

#14 El-Heri (Chekka)

The shore of El-Heri (Chekka) is full of different beaches to visit such as Nowhere and Rocca Marina.

#15 Tripoli (at the sports stadium)

Similar to Beirut, most of Tripoli’s beaches aren’t considered safe by the report, however, the seawater after the sports stadium was deemed safe for swimming.

#16 Miniyeh

There is a private beach in Miniyeh, the area between Tripoli and Akkar. It is the only beach north of Tripoli where the waters are clean and most favorable for swimming.

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