10 Convenient Services in Lebanon That Make Your Life Easier

Yes, yes, we know what you are going to argue with of all the issues we have, and we still want to tell you about these ten particular things that make our life in Lebanon convenient! Around the world, every country has its own major issues. Like all these countries we also have means of bettering the lives of our consumers. It’s just that, in Lebanon, we break the regular limits and tend to go beyond. Let me show you!


#1 Delivery Service

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It is but recently that the world has been introduced to UberEATS or Totters. However, Lebanon has that service for a long while now. You can literally have anything delivered to your house, such as sushi, pizza, plat du jour, groceries, falafel sandwich, and literally any food that comes to mind. That takes Netflix and chilling nights to another level rather than just having pizza.


#2 Dress Rentals

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Everyone knows that, in socialite Lebanon, you always tend to have some 5 weddings, 3 birthdays, and 9 social gatherings all in the same month, and it could be always a migraine dwelling on what to wear when the same entourage will be there. You definitely can’t wear the same dress for this kind of occasions; not in Lebanon.

Nowadays, Lebanon has rental dresses’ boutiques with the most convenient services right at your door. You actually go online, choose a few dresses, and they bring them over for you to try them on while the driver waits for you. It’s as easy as that. Pure convenience.


#3 Professional Well-being Care at Home

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Right, you heard me. The spa comes to you at your convenience, and, unlike elsewhere in the world, you don’t have to empty all your wallet to cover these home services. From a hairdresser, a manicurist, and a masseuse, you can book their services at home instead of rushing between work schedule and family duties. If you can’t go to the spa, the spa comes to you.


#4 Huqqa/Nargileh Service at Home

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You can literally order your nargileh (shisha) to your house. The delivery boy actually drives it all the way to you with the lit charcoal for a maximum price of 8,000 LBP ($5.30). I’m pretty sure only Lebanon has that cheap and convenient service.


#5 24/7 Restaurant Service

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Let’s say it bluntly. It’s Lebanon, and nights out don’t end before the after-party and the social fun continues through breakfast at 5 AM at Falamanki or Zaatar w Zeit. That’s socialite Lebanon with its overnight parties, and many restaurants care to provide their services to this not too small category of people. So, they go on operating 24/7 for the potential arrivals of hungry customers entering their restaurants at 4 am on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

For travelers arriving in Beirut at odd hours after a long flight, that’s also an awesome convenience when they are tourists and their hotel’s restaurant would be closed, or if they are Lebanese heading home to the north, or the south, or the mountains.  Absolutely, pure convenience for anyone in Lebanon!


#6 Online Stores

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Yes, they do exist everywhere in the world (or almost). But in Lebanon, you can get stores that deliver your purchase to your house the very same day. And no, we are not talking Amazon. 

Open Instagram, and just type “online shops” in the search section. It’s actually unbelievable how may online stores there are in Lebanon with same-day delivery. It’s perfect for any last-minute dress when the one you planned to wear got messed up, or a table set you really need for those extra guests showing up next day for lunch, or an urgent gift you still had no time to buy. They deliver right to your doorstep!


#7 Night Entertainments are available at all hours

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Lebanon has multiple forms of entertainment and there is no way you will get bored. In fact, whatever time or place you are, you can instantly come up with something fun to do. I recall one time when my friends and I were sitting at home on a Thursday night and we decided randomly at 10 PM to go to the amusement park near city mall, and we just did. The options for unplanned night entertainments are unlimited in Lebanon.


#8 Urgent Pharmacy Services at Your Door

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This one is actually a huge help to most people. How many times did we feel too feverish or sick and in pain to leave the house for some much-needed meds? Or a family member was too sick and we couldn’t even leave him or her to get them some meds? Remember these old times? Well, they’re gone!

Nowadays, your pharmaceutical products can be delivered straight to your house in Lebanon. No more trouble of leaving your house in the middle of the night for an urgent painkiller or an anti-inflammatory or a burn balm, or any of the like. Give a call to your Lebanese pharmacist who will speed it to your place!


#9 Distance

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Due to Lebanon size being relatively small, distance has never been an issue. Everything is at a close radius and the maximum drive to the farthest destination would be 2 hours. Right, we all know that, but it needed to be reminded here as one of the conveniences we take for granted.


#10 The Friendly Seasons


I saved the best for last, even if you might have got enough from our eternal statement, “We can ski and go to the beach in the same day.” However, we tend to forget how convenient it is for us living in Lebanon.

We get to enjoy the clemency of our weather throughout the year, and that period of post-winter and pre-spring; a period of amazing weather where winter and spring befriend each other to provide us with great times, both in the mountains and at the beach.


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