10 crazy things you see on the roads in Lebanon

Driving in Lebanon is a combination of weird bridges, bad roads, endless traffic, and lots of WTF moments.

There are potholes everywhere

They cause countless accidents every day.


Some drivers follow the ambulance to avoid traffic



People crossing the highway

I understand that Lebanon is not pedestrian-friendly but putting your life at risk isn’t the best thing you could do.


Drivers ignore traffic lights

You can’t complain about young people getting killed by car accidents and ignore basic driving rules. You just can’t. Traffic laws are meant to keep you alive; remember that.


A bridge in the middle of the highway

Imagine this: you’re late for work, and you’re speeding on the highway. Suddenly, you notice that there’s a bridge right in the middle of the road. Yes, I’m talking about the Nahr El Mot-Dora bridge. It was built years ago, but we’re still not used to it.



You can casually have a conversation with the driver in the car next to yours

Why? Because you’re always stuck in traffic, and you need to kill time by socializing.


Traffic controles the country

You plan your day according to the traffic. You spend more time on the road than your own house.


It takes us forever to build a bridge

Why does building a bridge take three decades in Lebanon? It’s not like we’re building the Roman Empire from scratch.


Drivers self-manage the traffic

Sometimes traffic cops are too busy to manage the traffic and make sure we’re safe. 

People park their cars on the sidewalks

In Lebanon, sidewalks are for cars not people.


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