10+ Fascinating Scenes of Storm Loulou Captured by Lebanese Photographers

As storm Loulou hit Lebanon a few days ago, photographers hit the ground to capture the moment. Amid the wind, rain, and snow, they didn’t fail in taking some crazy shots and impress us with their photography skills. What can we say? Lebanese people LOVE taking risks. 



Although we are so grateful for such photos, it’s always better to be cautious during such storms and stay at home if it’s possible. In any case, you must check the Safety Guidelines issued by the General Directorate of Civil Defense.

Saturday will boast heavy rainfall with thunderstorms, strong winds, and snowfall at 1000 meters and above. The rain is expected to subside on Sunday, with a slight increase in temperature. Now, enjoy some fascinating scenes captured in the moments.


Lebanese flag standing still against the storm

@nabilismail.photojournalistembedded via  

@nabilismail.photojournalistembedded via  

It’s amazing to see how the Lebanese flag is still there despite the wind, the splashing water, and the storm. Deep, eh? May it standstill facing the crisis.  


Facing the storm in stillness

Via Khaled Ayyad

Via Khaled Ayyad

It’s amazing how some people can stand still observing the approaching storm instead of running; just standing there in fascination, and one can only feel peace; peace in the cold, the rain, and the wind. 


Swimming in the cold amid the storm!

@nabilismail.photojournalistembedded via  

@ramzihaidar7embedded via  

@nabilismail.photojournalistembedded via  

Right, some can be crazy! These fellow Lebanon in Manara, Beirut, didn’t just swim, but also tanned despite the heavy rainfall! What can we say? Lebanese do tend to brave storms and crises and find something, anything actually even if crazy, to enjoy.



@matthieu_karamembedded via  

Via Manou Markarian

Via Manou Markarian

“When you hear the splash of the water drops that fall into the stone bowl, you feel that all the dust of your mind is washed away.”


Raging waves

@nabilismail.photojournalistembedded via  

@davisstolfoembedded via  


A rainbow in the Bekaa!

@mohammadfarhoud93embedded via  

A mesmerizing scene

@tamer3alloushhembedded via  


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