10+ Favorite Shows and Songs Spotted at the Lebanese Revolution

If you are watching or participating in the Lebanese protests, you have probably seen some cool things. From characters to new song versions, creativity has been roaming the streets of Lebanon. Going around these days in our cities, you are bound to find something related to your favorite movie, show or song. We spotted several and want to share them with you:


#1 Joker:

Via Patrick Baz

Many have been painting their faces as the joker, only replacing the blue eyes with green color to complement the colors of the Lebanese flag. How creative!


#2. V for Vendetta:

Via Aziz Taher

We have also seen a lot of masks, especially the mask from the movie ‘V for Vendetta’. Are they sending us a message?


#3. Harry Potter:

Via @The961

Well, 12 days into the protests, it seems like we need a little magic to help us get to the results already!


#4. Star wars:

Via @JessicaRahhal

If the dark side in space can be defeated, we surely can defeat it in Lebanon. 


#5. Friends:

Via u/Red32_26

Isn’t everyone in Lebanon a little bit like Ross most of the time? Pretending to be fine when they really aren’t?


#6. Baby shark:

I guess that after the famous video of the protesters “babysitting” a kid in a car with this children song, our protesters not only can’t get enough of it but they have made it even more popular than it was. No kidding! It is shown in all the news and social media out there. (Jauz, you owe the Lebanese Revolution!)


#7. La casa de papel:

Via The National

I just love how they turned this one into a group project. They can also use these costumes for Halloween; a smart way to save some cash! 


#8. Bella Ciao:

The Lebanese version of ‘Bella Ciao’, sung by Lebanese singer Shiraz, has really been hyping the protesters up!


#9. Captain Majed:

Via Ahmad Mereby

Even Cartoon series have been noticed in the protests! Captain Majed is where Lebanese people got their patience from, and protests do need a lot of that.


#10. Game of Thrones:

Via Nasima Murr

People are still not recovered from the ending of this show. They expressed their anger and disappointment towards both subjects, which is totally healthy!


11. Fossil Fools – Pokemon

@yaphtaaembedded via  

If you’ve watched this animated Pokemon movie, you’ll know what’s all about, but you might not know that Fossils Fool is also a day of environmental demonstrations that began in 2004 with coordinated actions across the United States and Canada. 


This is one of the reasons why so many people are loving the Lebanese protests: they are very relatable and extremely funny. Protesters are expressing themselves in original ways and it’s fun to witness them do so!

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