10 Fun Coffee Places Where You Can Hang Out with Your Friends in Lebanon

This is Lebanon and we’re famous for always having plans. However, what if we actually don’t have plans? We ultimately use the back plan, for the dull times when we have nothing to do, and that is, go to a café. Cafés are fun places to hang out and mingle. These are my top favorites:


#1 Zuruni (Ain El Mraisseh & Dbayeh)

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Zuruni has two branches, but a personal favorite of mine is the one in Ain El Mraisseh’. Its actually right on a deck, facing the sea. It’s a beautiful place to hang around while enjoying the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.


#2 Café Em Nazih (Gemayzeh)

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This café personally gives me the 1920’s old Beirut vibes. Its located deep inside Gemayzeh and its Beirut-y vibes make it a perfect place for tourists and locals to go enjoy a chill night out.


#3 Mandarine (Downtown Beirut)

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Mandarine is the place to be for young Beirutees. You can usually find the same people there every day. It’s a personal favorite of mine on a Sunday afternoon when my friends and I all come together to meet up and discuss how our weekend is going.


#4. 19 Café (Khalde)

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This café is located in Khalde, making it the most convenient place for residents of Mount Lebanon. It’s super spacious and easy to get too. Thus, making it on our list of most chill cafes!


#5. Azmi Café (Downtown Beirut)

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I think I could find my parents and their friends hanging out at Azmi every weekend. This café is fun to be at, and they regularly have an oud player and singer. The vibes are calm and chill and, on occasions when the ambiance is fire, they bring out a belly-dancer. Not so bad for a “casual café” outing, but then again this is Lebanon and we can expect anything.


#6. Al Falamanki (Raouche & Sodeco)

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I thought I wouldn’t add this place but I couldn’t help it. It’s THE café and I’m sure we can all agree about it. Al Falamanki is the place to be on any occasion. Bored? “Al Falamanki!” After party? “Al Falamanki!” Hungry? “Al Falamanki!” You got the idea.


#7 Ummi (Beirut Souks)

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Some of your friends want to go to the movies in Beirut Souks. The rest want to just chill out, smoke some shisha, and relax. Ummi has got you covered. Its convenient location makes it so easy to sit and relax after a long day at work or shopping. Also, it offers delicious and authentic Lebanese food.


#8 Jnaynit Farid

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I like Jnaynit Farid because it’s super casual and it has a twist to its Lebanese food. It has seating in a dome and outside. Jnaynit Farid is a great café to gather with friends to watch a game on the big screen while smoking shisha.


#9 Cozy Café (Jnah)

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Where would you find a casual, student filled, low budget, comfortable seating, and convenient location all in one? Cozy Café, that’s where! This is by far the most casual café in town, and it’s simply perfect for weekdays, after work or university.


#10 Beirut Cat Café (Gemayzeh)

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I thought I should keep the best for last. This café is relatively new and is actually filled will cute cats. People go to relax and enjoy the presence of the rescued fury friends. They can spend a few hours playing with the cats and enjoy a hot drink. I don’t believe I can think of a better way to spend a few free hours!


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