The 10 Health Benefits Of Maté! Drink Up!

Maté is a famous beverage in South America. However, it is also widely consumed in Lebanon, particularly in the Druze community. This drink, that is infused with caffeine, was introduced in Lebanon in the 19th century by the Lebanese who were residing in South America and returned to their country of origin. Maté has many health benefits! So gather your friends and drink up!

Health benefits of maté!

Increases energy

Unlike coffee, maté increases energy smoothly. It provides the perfect energy boost without interfering with your sleep schedule.

Provides necessary nutrients and vitamins

Maté is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary to maintain a healthy body. So, drinking maté is one way to get all the nutrients that you need!

Builds strong bones

Coffee is usually associated with a decrease in bone density. However, maté increases minerals that build strong bones.

Keeps your heart healthy

This drink contains antioxidants that protect the heart from issues such as heart failures and irregular heartbeats.

Kills colon cancer cells

According to


, maté contains bioactive compounds that kill cancer cells. These elements also reduce inflammation that leads to cancer.

Stimulates the immune system

Maté also contains chemical compounds that enhance the immune system and protects the body from diseases.

Reduces cholesterol levels

This beverage also helps people to reduce the level of bad cholesterol in their bodies. In fact, a high level of cholesterol results in cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks.

Promotes healthy weight loss

While people nowadays are consuming drinks that help them lose weight in a short amount of time, maté helps people to lose the excess amount of fat that is harming the body while maintaining a healthy weight.

Reduces high blood pressure

High blood pressure results in cardiovascular diseases. Drinking maté helps the body to maintain a healthy level of blood pressure.

Destroys bacteria

Maté is beneficial for fighting bacteria that can result in constipation, diarrhoea, and indigestion.