10 Homey Guesthouses for Your Getaway in the North of Lebanon

As they say, the most thrilling moment in the life of a human is a departure into unknown lands. To explore is to live, and what is more exciting than exploring your own country? Discovering the Lebanese villages and their old traditions is always an interesting and pleasing experience. And today, we invite you to visit the North of Lebanon, which is full of hidden villages and astonishing sights that are worth getting to know. We recommend you embark in more than a day road trip and make it for a weekend at least, and here are some charming traditional guesthouses we have compiled for you for an optimum experience:


#1 Abdelli Terraces

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Sitting on a hill next to the actual village of Abdelli in Batroun, Abdelli Terraces is a village within a village. It is a place built to revive Lebanese living spaces, eating experiences, social gatherings, and wine-making.

At its heart are the old Lebanese houses transformed perfectly into guesthouses boasting Lebanese traditions and the love of mother nature.  You can enjoy the green spaces, a breathtaking view, and perfect relaxation. 


#2 Beit Al-Batroun

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Nestled in a little valley with great views of the Mediterranean sea near the town of Thoum, Beit Al-Batroun is a heavenly gem that was built by inspiration of Lebanese traditions.

This countryside retreat is a labor of love for owner Colette Kahil who managed to build such an amazing guesthouse showing the true beauty of Lebanon. With its charming design, freshly-prepared breakfast buffet, and a terrace with a view, Beit Al-Batroun is highly loved by all of its visitors. 


#3 Beit Bridi

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In the heart of Abdelli Terraces Vineyard, Beit Bridi is a guesthouse set up for those who seek tranquility and peace. Beit Bridi is well-furnished offering different rooms for different experiences with an exceptional view over the valley. There is a common area where you can grab a drink, read a book or magazine from the in-house library, enjoy the serenity of leaving the city, and discover the beauty of nature. 


#4 Beit Douma

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Beit Douma is a home with six rooms reserving traditional architecture since the 19th century. Situated in Douma, Batroun, this heavenly home is a perfect escape from hectic Beirut or a lovely destination for those who love to explore a new quite and relaxing side of Lebanon.

With a breathtaking view of Tripoli and the sea, a library full of cookbooks and ancient history books, and an open kitchen for visitors wishing to help in preparing breakfast or to make a cup of coffee, Beit Douma offers an exceptional experience as if you are truly in your home.


#5 Beit El-Nessim

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Hidden in the walled gardens in El Mina, Tripoli, Beit El-Nessim is a guesthouse offering a glimpse of Lebanese traditions. Visitors will enjoy harmoniously designed spaces, unique style, architectural perfect details, healthy gourmet breakfast, rooftop terrace, and warm hospitality. As it is a project done by yoga guru Nabil Najjar, the guesthouse offers as well yoga and meditation classes.


#6 Beit El-Ward Boutique Hotel

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Located in the heart of Ehden, in the northern mountains, and built over 100 years ago, Beit El-Ward is a traditional well-designed mansion. Whether you want to experience some winter experiences or you are searching for a honeymoon getaway, Beit El-Ward is the perfect destination. Featuring 2 rooftops and garden terraces, Beit El-Ward restaurant offers a variety of authentic Lebanese and Mediterranean food.


#7 Dar Qadisha

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Located in the Qadisha Valley, 1400 meters above the sea, Dar Qadisha is an old traditional house offering a variety of outstanding wifi-isolated experiences. Surrounded by a rose garden, leafy trees, and a very well-maintained vegetable patch, Dar Qadisha is the ultimate escape of all the modern side of Lebanon. This countryside old house offers an experience that makes you feel like you are just visiting your Lebanese aunt’s house in the village.


#8 Marse Guesthouse

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Anchored on the shores of Anfeh’s beach, Marse is a three-bedroom stone house offering a local Anfeh experience like no other. Located at a minute-walk from Anfeh’s Taht El-Rih amazing shore, it offers a breathtaking sea-view with a cozy garden. You can enjoy the yummy sea-food and a joyful swim in the clear water. 


#9 Hadath el Jebbeh Auberge

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Built in 1928 in Hadath el Jebbeh, on the edge of Qadisha Valley, this Auberge is a newly renovated traditional guesthouse. Overlooking the holy Qadisha Valley and the renowned Lebanese Cedars, the Auberge offers its guests a breathtaking view and the ability to experience some outdoor activities and to discover the beautiful area. With a traditional continental breakfast and a Lebanese touch, this guesthouse offers an experience of coziness and Lebanese famous hospitality.


#10 Diwan El-Beik

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This 170-year-old guesthouse is located in Douma, with a colorful garden and natural surroundings. Diwan El0Beik offers a home-away-from-home experience with a freshly-made breakfast to kick off the day perfectly. The house transformed into a guesthouse is renowned for its ambiance, coziness, and the hospitality of its owner, Joseph Chalboub. You can enjoy a walk through the streets of Douma historical village and some new discoveries. 


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