10+ Inside Looks at Lebanese Family Homes

Today, we take you inside a variety of Lebanese family homes showcasing different tastes and preferences. The family-oriented characteristic of Lebanon’s cultural does that Lebanese deem their homes sacred, a sanctuary of love, a reflection of who they are, a haven of happiness, but also a place to host their so many social entertainments.  Here is a look into some of our homes in Lebanon:



Via The Times

Fancy classism with attention to details is common in Lebanese city homes but also in the mountains in some cases like this place owned by the Lebanese jewelry designer Noor Fares.



Via Taste of Beirut

A traditional Lebanese living room, its simplicity, and the minimalistic decoration seem to bring peace to the whole environment.



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The stone walls add to the coziness of the room. The white tone of the sofa and the dining room bring peace to the environment. Sophistication and grace are present all along.



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This cozy family room of an old traditional village house was brought together with natural elements of stones and wood and centered by a traditional carpet and a handcrafted wood table;  all in harmony with the walls of coarse stones and the typical arcade window.



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Arcades are relevant in this traditional home decorated with simplicity. The walls of stoned here have been smoothed to add softness to the dwelling. Traditional carpet, which is almost always present in Lebanese homes, enhances the room in beauty. 



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At opposed to the previous dwellings, this modern Lebanese dwelling adopted sleekness and enough refinement to look and feel harmonious and calming, The modern aim did not exclude a touch of tradition with one wall of stones, adding a lovely charm to the dwelling.



Via culture trip

This is a typical majestic reception room found mainly in Lebanese old mansions and palaces. The artistic flooring and stain-glass window give the space a sense of Lebanese gentry. The room imposes itself while radiating peace and tranquility.



Via Home cosiness

This is a sophisticated classic home mostly found in Lebanon’s urban areas. Uncrowded yet fancy. 



Via Behance

Defying the norms, this dwelling brings the loft design into a traditional house, merging it all in quite a harmonious way. A room with a strong statement that both the traditional culture and the evolving modernism can very well go together in harmony. A relaxing space with a welcoming aura.



Via culture trip

Perfect classicism prevails in this living room with a massive carpet and fancy antique furniture. A Parisian ambiance that is well adopted in Lebanese city homes. 



Via Jane Hall

Another very cozy room in a traditional old house of rough stone walls and artistic flooring, and plenty of daylight. 



Via WMagazine

Classic, modern art, and retro mix and match comfort and sophistication of a well-traveled Lebanese woman, Tania Fares.  Designer furniture and accent pieces make this place stand out, eclectically.


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