10 Lebanese movies to add to your watch list!

For your next movie night, why not watch Lebanese movies? These films cover many subjects: from the Lebanese civil war to the daily life of a taxi driver, be sure that you’ll have a great time!

West Beirut

Tarek, Omar, and May are trying to live a normal childhood in a war-torn Beirut.

Where Do We Go Now?

Tension arises between Christian and Muslim men in a small village in Lebanon. The women decide to take action to settle peace again.


The movie follows the daily lives of five Lebanese women of different ages and social backgrounds in Beirut.

Rue Huvelin

The movie is inspired by a group of university students who started a movement against political oppression in Lebanon.


The movie follows the parents of Ghadi who are doing their best to integrate their son who has special needs in society. They trick to the town into believing that Ghadi is an angel.

The Insult

The movie represents the relationship between a Christian Lebanese and a Palestinian refugee in Lebanon. Tony (Adel Karam) and Yasser (Kamel El Basha) have a verbal and physical fight, which leads them to a courtroom.


The movie follows the Lebanese director Philippe Aractingi who is telling the story of his immigration to France during the war and his willingness to return to Lebanon.


Zozo gets separated from his family during the war and ends up living in Sweden.


Joud and Rana, who are from different social and religious backgrounds, fall in love with each other. Circumstances separate them apart, and Rana’s parents forbid her from talking to Joud who is trying to find new means to communicate with her.

Taxi Ballad

The movie follows the daily life of a taxi driver in Beirut.

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