10 Lebanese Timeless Oldies’ Songs You Should Have on Your Playlist!

Did it happen to you, during a Sunday lunch at a Lebanese restaurant, that you heard one of those immortal and unfading Lebanese oldies’ songs? Alternatively asking, how many times have you seen on TV, or heard in your car while driving, one of those classic and ageless songs? 


And, if you are like, you certainly said to yourself, “These lyrics are touching, and the music is so stirring!” Don’t we all know it? Lebanese oldies songs are indeed deathless and guaranteed to induce thousands of feelings!

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Therefore, and in reference to our previous article on the 10 Lebanese Composers Who Wrote Your Favorite Songs, we want to reminisce with you today some of the most loved songs we grew up with and so probably did our parents. So, here are the top 10 oldies’ songs that you would certainly need to have on your playlist.


#1. Eshtakna a3 Loubnan

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From the legendary Zaki Nassif, this song titled “We miss Lebanon” has defied time and space. It does actually play at Beirut Airport, particularly in the departure lounge. If you happen to live abroad, this song would absolutely give you some tears and goosebumps, and make you think of your next trip to Lebanon.


#2. Oumi Ta Nerkoss

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Known for his unbeatable yet romantic and touching voice, Sammy Clark gave our culture, among many of his perennial songs, Oumi Ta Nerkoss. This oldie in specific that calls to “Stand up and let’s dance” is still playing at clubs and many places in Lebanon due to its dancy rhythm, beat, and lyrics.


#3. Yalli Mesh A’aref Esmek

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One of Samir Hanna’s masterpieces, this oldie that sings to “the one whose name I don’t know” is actually both dancy and fun because Samir Hanna pretends not knowing the name of the girl he is singing to and asks her to stop getting tanned so she maintains her white skin tone!


#4. Wa’adouni

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This oldie song that carries the title of “they promised me” is one of the most famous songs of Salwa Al-Katrib. For those who missed knowing her, Salwa was a famous actress known for her roles in Emerald Princess and Mountain Girl. With her astonishing voice, her old songs can bring you back to Lebanon wherever you may be. Among her many other songs that are pure muses to the ear: Khedni Ma’ak (Take me with you), A’la Nabeh El-Mayi (At the Water Spring) and Alouli El-Eid (They told me the Eid).


#5. Alo Alo Beirut

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From our beloved iconic Sabbouha, the diva of music, Alo Alo Beirut is indeed one of those oldies that induce both nostalgia and happiness in you! Sabah has indeed endless and timeless songs that have the power to make you feel the breeze of Lebanon, Beirut, and your village, whenever and wherever you are. 


#6. Eshta’analik Ya Beirut


Pascal Saker is truly one of those Lebanese singers icons who’s known for her impressive musical roles. This song that says “We miss you, O Beirut” is one her various timeless songs, including “Ya Sari’i Menni Makatibi.” (O you who stole my letters from me). 


#7. Ya Helweh Sha’arik Dari


From the most handsome Lebanese man on earth (in my personal opinion)! This unforgettable song of Ghassan Saliba calls for the ‘beautiful woman with daring hair’, a lively song with Lebanese dancing beats. A mesmerizing musical artist, Ghassan is also known for his patriotic songs that he used to perform in the musical plays of the famous Rahbani Brothers, and that are truly worth hearing.


#8. Laylit Al-Mahatta

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From the amazing iconic Nassri Shamseddin who needs no introduction,  Laylit Al Mahatta (The night of the station) is one of his most unforgettable songs. Nassri has been known for both his amazing voice and acting skills in major Lebanese musical shows. This oldie, in particular, can make you dance, cry, and laugh all at once! It’s one of the songs featured in Al-Mahatta Play with our Ambassador to the Stars: Fairuz.


#9. Hkili, Hkili An Baladi, Hkili

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It’s really hard to choose between Fairuz’s timeless, endless, and eternal songs because every single one of them is a whole story about Lebanon and love and a bunch of emotions and sensations.


This particular song of hers, Hkili, Hkili A3n Baladi, Hkili (Tell me, tell me about my homeland, tell me) has a unique melody and expresses a pressuring desire to hear about her country and the peaceful Lebanese past of her childhood. This song can’t leave any Lebanese unaffected, especially those who left to settle abroad. This will make you ache for your homeland!

#10. Zeina

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From Marwan Adham, one of the Lebanese golden era singers, Zeina is a song that does still play everywhere and anywhere in Lebanon. It has this unique quality that makes you sing it all day all night to a point where you can’t get it out of your head!

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