10 Lebanese Villages That Should Be On Your Bucket List

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Lebanon is a country that blooms with natural beauty. Its traditional villages and amazing green mountains and valleys are what make this Mediterranean country unique and earn it to be described by many as a paradise.

A paradise that you can easily discover and enjoy, whether you are visiting from abroad or you are a local who, for some reasons, have missed taking the time to know these places up close.

Here are 10 villages with the most beautiful greeneries for you to visit and experience the true Lebanese village life.

#1 Mtein

Mtein is one of the oldest towns in Lebanon, located about 35km from Beirut; an easy short ride that can get you to get acquainted with this traditional village packed with history and beautiful sceneries.

You can visit the old silk factories, the Mtein’s Museum of Arts, the ancient palaces of the emirs Abillama, the pre-Phoenician ruins, and the local winery, and also enjoy a hiking trip in its awesome nature or biking through the town.

For an optimal traditional experience, it is also advisable to spend the night at the famous Mtein’s guesthouse located in the main square.

#2 Al-Qubayyat

Located in the Akkar Governorate, north of Lebanon, 150km from Beirut, Al-Qubayyat is a must to visit and explore, and interact with the locals.

The ride is enjoyable as you pass through the beautiful scenic land of the north. You can also make a stop at Akkar El-Atika on your way, another very charming Lebanese village.

Al Qubayyat is also known as the largest and most beautiful greeneries you will ever see in this country, offering great opportunities for outdoor activities.

One of the most known features of Al-Qubayyat, however, is its welcoming and down-to-earth culture. It is home to very friendly villagers known for their generosity and delicious traditional cuisine.

It is also a sought-after destination for nature lovers, hikers, and campers, as well as photographers.

#3 Bcharre

Another village located in the North governorate, Bcharre is the town of the only remaining and preserved ancient Cedars of God or Arz El-Rabb.

It is the hometown of Gebran Khalil Gebran, which home was turned into a museum dedicated to him and his outstanding creative work. A place you must visit while there.

While visiting Bcharre, you should check out the majestic Qadisha Valley, the Valley of The Saints, and its impressive historical monasteries. The Valley and the Cedars of God are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Nature lovers can enjoy various activities in the area, from paragliding and hiking to camping.

#4 Zahle

Zahle, the City of Wine and Poetry… and Arak, and the Bride of the Bekaa.

In the 18th Century, Zahle was a small village with some 200 houses. Now, while being the largest city of the Bekaa Governorate, it has proudly preserved the characteristics of a traditional village.

The red-roofed houses, the old shops, and the beautiful mountains and natural environment will mesmerize you.

There is plenty to explore and do in Zahle, from visiting the city alleys, the wineries, the religious sites, to having a delicious traditional lunch by the river at the Berdawni…

Check here for the fun activities you can enjoy while there.

#5 Laqlouq

Beautiful in all seasons, Laqlouq is a small mountainous village in the Byblos District, Mount Lebanon Governorate that also welcomes snow-lover visitors in winter.

This small town holds the most unique and captivating sceneries. It is located 69 kilometers northeast of the capital.

#6 Jezzine

Located 40km south of Beirut, Jezzine is a big touristic attraction in Lebanon with its pine forest and the shrine of Our Lady of the Waterfall.

It is rich with natural beauty, historical sites, and ancient ruins. Plus, if you are into hiking, this is the place for you! You’ll enjoy the beautiful mountains while practicing your favorite sport.

#7 Douma

Douma is part of Batroun District, located 80km from Beirut, and is one of the most traditional villages of Lebanon with its architecture, culture, shops, local products… and vineyards!

A place full of history, this charming village in a valley surrounded by mountains, enjoys a refreshing climate and picturesque features.

Head to Douma and visit its old souk and the artisan museum, bask in the surrounding beauties and have a traditional day to remember.

#8 Maghdouche

Maghdouche, a town in the South Governorate in Lebanon, is one of the most amazing places you can find yourself in.

It is located 50 km from Beirut and it is home to Our Lady of Mantara, a famous landmark in Lebanon.

If you are looking for a place where you can be a true villager for a day or two, Maghdouche is where you should go.

#9 Hasbaya

Another beautiful and historical village to visit in Lebanon is Hasbaya, the capital of the Wadi El-Taym, a long fertile valley running parallel to the western foot of Mount Hermon.

The citizens of Hasbaya are still living the true Lebanese village life, and the town’s main source of income are the olive trees located at the low hills of Wadi El Taym and watered by the Hasbani River.

#10 Baakline

Baakleen is located in Mount Lebanon, Chouf District, 45 km southeast of Beirut. The town is full of history. It is also home to the amazing waterfalls: The Blue Waterfalls or Shallalet El-Zarka.

This village is near other beautiful Lebanese towns that are also historical and touristic destinations like Beit Eddine, and Deir El-Qamar.

While in Baakline, make sure to visit the historical Hamade palace.

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