10+ Lebanese Wedding Venues You’ll Want to Get Married in

There should be a synonym for the Summer season in Lebanon, and Wedding Season would be perfectly appropriate. We have to only look at our Instagram feed during this time to see that it’s all about people in their evening dresses attending weddings in dream-like venues. We can’t say it enough but when it comes to our weddings and our venues, our small country stands bigger than any in the world in fanciness, creativity, elegance, and glory. Let’s take a look!


#1 Les Talus (Kessrwan)

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Always a breath taker, this beautiful outdoor venue is nestled in the arms of mother nature amidst majestic scenery. It has been said that wedding ceremonies held in that place before the celebratory reception leave everyone teary-eyed. Located in Okaybeh, Kessrwan, Les Talus is an awe-inspiring venue for those who appreciate the outdoors and beautiful scenery.


#2 Biel (Furn El-Chebek & Beirut Waterfront)

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A classic Lebanese wedding venue in Beirut, Biel is your wedding destination and your ultimate go-to if you’re into big and classy festivals and eventsWith its spacious arena, it is the perfect venue for building up a glorious dream wedding however you fancy it. It offers numerous different ways to decorate it for your special D-Day that go beyond your expectations.


#3 Swanlake (Mar Moussa El Douar)

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Yes, basically it is what you’re imagining. This massive outdoor venue nestled on a cliff in a forest in Mar Moussa, Mount-Lebanon, is right out of a romantic movie. You can actually get to admire beautiful flamingos and white swans gliding on the lake that reflect the wedding celebration lights in sparkling ripples.

It’s Lebanon’s own Disney-like venue with massive rich greenery, panoramic scenes, and view on the Mediterranean sea, giving you the impression of living a romantic dream


#5 Kempinski (Jnah)

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Kempinski in Beirut is one of Lebanon’s perfect places to throw a super posh wedding, but with the added plus of the siding beach, which brings the salty air and fresh summer breeze flowing in its wedding celebrations.

Being a hotel and a resort, Kempinski is a convenient destination if you are organizing your wedding from abroad or inviting guests from abroad because of the available room accommodation facility. 


#6 Domaine des Mirs (Deir El Qamar)

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Domain Des Mirs is located at the high focal point of Deir El Qamar, offering outstanding panoramic views of the mountains and valleys, and all the way down to the lights of Beirut. With the peak of the location defying humidity, guests can enjoy the outdoor wedding and their fancy dresses and suits without discomfort throughout the celebration. 


#7 Faqra Club (Faqra)

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Known to be a top-notch exclusive venue, Faqra Club is located by the ancient temple of Faqra, in Kferdebian, up in the mountain of Kessrwan. It is a premium and breathtaking wedding destination of some 5000 sq.m with modern landscaping and spectacular panoramic views.  When Elie Saab held his son’s wedding recently in various locations, Faqra Club was among his choices.


#8 Phoenicia Grand Ballroom (Downtown Beirut)

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Is it a wedding venue list if Phoenicia isn’t cited? Phoenicia, the OG of hotels, and almost a landmark of downtown Beirut for being long established in downtown Beirut offers 5-star services, including professional planning for large weddings in its Grand Ballroom. Phoenicia has also the added plus of being a hotel, affording room accommodation to guests attending weddings from overseas.


#9 The O1NE (Beirut Waterfront)

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This may come as a shock to you, but sometimes you just have to think outside the box. How can a nightclub hold a wedding? Think again! This spacious venue is the picture place to have a spectacular wedding with all your family and friends. The location is very convenient too, considerably being in the heart of Beirut.


#10 Forum of Beyrouth (Metn)

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The venue is actually as big as it sounds. It is mainly used for concerts or conventions, but also for weddings. We’re not talking regular weddings but more along the lines of wedding/carnival extravaganza. With this spacious venue, you have no idea what to expect of phantasmagoric when you get invited to a wedding at the Forum of Beirut.


#11 Chateau Rweiss (Chnaneir)

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This wedding venue is no foreigner for being so talked about even beyond Lebanon. Its location, setup, and structure has earned it the award of the best wedding venue in the middle east! Its beautiful outdoor keeps everyone in awe. It’s regularly a crowd favorite for the most prestigious weddings.


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