10+ Memes that Perfectly Speak of the Lebanese Revolution

There’s no event that happens anywhere in the world, whether important or irrelevant, that people can’t extract hilarious memes out of. In Lebanon, this event is the current state of revolution Lebanese people have been living in for the past 10 days. So here are 12 of the funniest memes people took out of it:


#1. Two iconic moments in one

Via Step Feed

This meme mixes so perfectly the moment a girl protester delivered a swift kick to a bodyguard opening fire at protesters, with the moment MTV’s reporter didn’t recognize Lebanese singer Wadih El Sheikh on live television.


#2. Smart business:

Via @Memesofa7ladawle

Water bottles and Lebanese flags: selling these two items in the areas of protests will secure your entire future.


#3. Having the time of our lives

Via @99nightspawn99

Sure, it’s a revolution; but it’s a Lebanese revolution! So, some have found a way to make us eager to go protesting.


#4. The reason behind it all

Via u/technolaaji

Of course, it was a combination of all of the above that made the Lebanese revolt. However, the Whatsapp tax was crossing a fine line and we just can’t make a joke out of it! (Psst! Whatsapp, how is your stock doing these days?)


#5. Ensuring a budget-friendly space

Via Step Feed

It’s the perfect place if your wedding, birthday, or anniversary is coming up. There are free music, drinks, and a load of excited and energetic people. And yes, these have been happening in our protests.


#5. The right kind of motivation

Via @memesofa7ladawle

“Come to the protests, you chicken!” Hearing this shout out every time you turn the TV on while sitting at home? Not so fun, isn’t it? 


#6. Everyone’s gonna end up in jail

Via @memesofa7ladawle

Every politician has a song now about him or her. They are creative, funny, and will probably get you locked up. (I mean, do we have enough jails in Lebanon to lock up 1.5M people?!)


#7. A dream coming true

Via Chris Todd

‘Lebanon if the revolution ends well’. Psst! This isn’t a meme, dude, this is a foresight. 


#8. Not a protest, a revolution:

Via @Memesofa7ladawle

Well, it is a national cause after all, and the nation is fiercely determined.


#9. The magic of the 72 hours

Via @Lebanesememes

We have to break up. Reply? Give me 72 hours I can fix everything between us. This is one thing this revolution has taught us: anything can be fixed in 72 hours because we had magicians in town and we didn’t know!


#10. The one who’s getting fired

Via Lebaoui

This mistake of a life time. You should’ve known better!


#11. Career vs love life

Via Nasima Murr

‘Elias Bou Saab –> Julia Boutros –> her song about Revolution’: the ultimate dilemma.


#12. Best country in the world

Via Lebanese memes

‘ Revolutions in other Arab countries vs in Lebanon’. Lebanese people are good at many thing, but they sure know how to revolt! One is not enough for us; All, we mean all!


People are considering the Lebanese Revolution one of the greatest revolutions in the world. The secret remains in those angry hearts that know nothing but joy!

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