Gang Stole 10 Million LBP Right From The Pocket Of A Vegetable Merchant (Video)

Gang Stole LBP 10 Million Right From The Pocket Of A Vegetable Trader
El-Siyasa | Al-Liwaa

A group of thieves worked together to sneakily steal a sum of 10 million Lebanese pounds from a vegetable trader in Saida, South Lebanon.

The merchant was at Saida’s vegetable and fruit market, which is typically crowded and bustling with activity, to purchase fruit and vegetables in order to sell them in another area, the National News Agency (NNA) reported.

However, he was unaware that four sets of eyes were lurking in the market, preying on his movements in wait for the right moment in which they can snatch his money.

The thieves had arrived in a silver BMW car and distributed roles amongst themselves to carry out the theft.

One of the suspects in the theft, caught by security cameras in the market.
Photo: Al-Liwaa

As security footage shows, at least two of them were directly involved in the pickpocketing; one of them pulled the cash out of the man’s pocket and deposited it in a plastic bag containing vegetables, which the other was holding within easy reach.

In the meantime, the others were waiting for them outside, and they all left together in the same BMW car.

The victim only noticed that he was missing 10 million Lebanese pounds from his pockets after it was too late. Security forces were later informed of the incident, and investigations have since commenced.

The video below shows the theft as it took place. In the first angle, the actual pickpocketing starts at 00:08, and the money is dropped into the plastic bag around 00:27.

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