10 Must-Try Foods From Tripoli, Lebanon

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The more time you spend traveling across Lebanon, you’ll realize that every city has its own way of making traditional daily food. Here’s what we think are must-try foods in Tripoli:

#1 Lahm Baajin

Tripoli is famous for its lahem baajin (meat pizza) specialty of lighter dough and pomegranate molasses. Drizzle it with some drops of fresh lemon juice at consumption, and enjoy!

Locals love it also with a cup of Ayran Laban, which is a water-diluted yogurt with a salty refreshing taste. You should try it!

#2 Halawet El-Jeben

While in Tripoli, you can’t pass up the chance to visit the traditional dessert shops like Hallab and Tom, which were established in this city long ago. Many sweets originated in this town, like the Halawet El-Jeben that is a not to miss!

#3 Kaak Bi-Knefeh and Knefeh Bil-Ashta

While on the topic of desserts, you must try the Tripoli-style kaak bi-Knefeh, which is the traditional Knefeh cheese inside a soft Kaak.

Also a must-try is the Knefeh bil-Ashta, which is done with creme instead of cheese and is best-consumed warm; another specialty of Tripoli.

#4 Street Kaak with Akkawi cheese

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With an optional layer of Picon cheese, and a must of Akkawi cheese, and a generous amount of sumac, the Tripoli street Kaak offers a completely different taste to the breakfast we all love and adore.

That’s also the favorite of students on their way to schools.

#5 Fatteh, Foul & Hummus

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Tripoli’s foul & hummus spots are a real treat. You can definitely tell the dishes are made with love.

#6 Falafel wrap

Falafel wraps are universally adored. It defers slightly from the capital’s version, so why not try to see what it tastes like in Tripoli?

#7 Moghrabieh sandwich

This traditional Lebanese dish is actually a festive meal in our cuisine and is very fulfilling. It’s made of wheat semolina dough pearls, chickpeas, onions, chicken, and spices, and enhanced with Lemon juice.

In Tripoli, you can enjoy a unique sandwich of this dish, with Lebanese pickles, and with or without chicken.

#8 Sfiha

This is the Tripoli version of the traditional meat pies you found across Lebanon, but with a twist; it’s perfect with a squeeze of lemon.

#9 Samkeh Harra

The city is known for its delicious Samkeh Harra, spicy fish, which recipe differs from the Beirut Samkeh Harra that is more common across Lebanon.

Many families from around Lebanon seek Tripoli on Sundays for this dish of the city. It is deliciously doused with plenty of Tahini sauce cooked with fresh cilantro, garlic, and lemon juice.

You can have a fresh plate in any fish restaurant in El-Mina, Tripoli.

#10 Lemonade Ice Cream

When in Tripoli, you must try this frozen Lemonade ice cream from El-Mina during summer!

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