10 New Year’s Resolutions Every Lebanese Should Make for 2017

new year's resolution

The end of the year is usually the time we take a moment to look back and reminisce on all the things that we’ve accomplished or struggled with during the last 12 months. So while the Christmas spirit starts fading away and with New Year’s just around the corner, we make some time to decide how we want the next year to play out. We create lists of goals that we feel are achievable within a year, like losing the weight we gained over the holidays, or finishing that novel we never make time for.

We here at the961 have decided to compile a list of slightly legit new year’s resolutions to inspire the creation of your own!

1. My new year’s resolution is to: abide by traffic rules.

This includes less cursing while driving and basically improving entire driving etiquette.

2. My new year’s resolution is to: improve selfie-taking skills.

Just because one can never be too good at taking selfies. Maybe we should master the use of the selfie stick to make our photos look less like selfies?

3. My new year’s resolution is to: visit Lebanese cities I’ve never been to before.

Getting out of the comfort zones and venture out across this very tiny, very beautiful country.

4. My new year’s resolution is to: try to spend money on real stuff.

You know, just the essentials… Like investing in that selfie stick from resolution number 2. Two birds, one stone!

5. My new year’s resolution is to: stop electing the same people as last year, the year before, and the past few decades.

Honestly just because well, look where it’s gotten us.

6. My new year’s resolution is to: accept defeat to the deliciousness of [possibly unsanitary] street food, and feel no guilt.

Food poisoning? No problem.

7. My new year’s resolution is to: use one less wasta to get what I want.

Really interested to know how far we can go without our connections.

8. My new year’s resolution is to: not fall victim to ridiculous trends this year.

It makes you look stupid.

9. My new year’s resolution is to: stop saying “New Year, New me”.

Because honestly, it’s just time to start bad habits all over again and nothing will ever change.

10. My new year’s resolution is to: be less fabulous.

We’ve already failed at that by being Lebanese.

If you think there are more new year’s resolutions that Lebanese should make for 2017, let us know!

Happy New Year!

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