10 of the best street art murals in Beirut

Street art, sometimes negatively referred to as “vandalism”, gives cities a colorful twist. It communicates the artists’ look on the city.

Beirut is filled with street art. From poorly drawn graffitis to veritable masterpieces – every drawing has a story to tell. 


Here are 10 of the best works of street art in Beirut:


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The mural is by Cuban artist Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada and located in Bachoura district.

“The Rhino and the Oxpecker”

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The mural is by Miami-based artist Ernesto Maranje and located in Spears street in Hamra.


“Boy of Ouzville”

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The mural is by Peruvian artist Sef and located in Ouzaï.

“War Peace”

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The mural is by local artist Jad Khoury and located in Tabaris Street – Ashrafieh.


“White Walls”

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The mural is by Chilean artist Inti Castro, and located in Hamra Street.

“Change What The Elders Couldn’t”

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The mural is in Verdun and was executed by local artists Said Mahmoud and Karim Tamerji.


“Immeuble Noueiri”

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The mural is painted by local artist Yazan Halwani, located on Beirut’s Greenline. The drawing depicts a scene from the iconic movie “West Beirut”.


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Mural by Ashekman, located in Cola – Corniche El Mazraa.


“Double Trouble”

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Mural in Rue Huvelin, executed by local artist Hady Beydoun.

“Facing the Future”

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The mural is by Portuguese, Montreal based artist Kevin Ledo. It is located in Sin El Fil.


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10 of the best street art murals in Beirut

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