10+ of the Creepiest Houses in Lebanon

Creepy is what causes an unpleasant feeling of fear or unease. Both feelings in that aspect are not necessarily related to paranormal.

Someone asked on Reddit a while back for some leads to visit haunted houses in Lebanon. The first answer he got was: “The Parliament.” The fellow, a foreigner, didn’t get the bitter joke, of course, so he went asking for the address and how to reach it.

Funny as that was, with him trying to then understand the joke and nobody able to explain it, the point is that some people not only love that kind of thrill but they seek it, even if it requires them paying flight and accommodation to get to that. Believe it or not!

But no, this article is not about haunted houses, but about the creepiest looking, whatever the type of feeling they incite in different people. There will be a thrill, promise, but not a paranormal scary type.

#1 From glorious to creepy in Beirut

It’s a pity though, it looks like it had its days of glory. Someone even commented on Instagram, “Whoa…even in this condition it’s special!” 

#2 Crumbling in Batroun

It gets better at night, only after several cups of Yansoun tea.

#3 Most weird… 

A “homemade” house in Falougha. If you ever thought a stone can’t make a difference, this house changes your mind.

The upper floors seem to be holding up by a stone stuck in an angle, and the house looks like it’s about to crumble any minute. (It isn’t. It has been like that for a long while.)

#4 Hollywoodian?

The perfect venue for a creepy movie… Sad, though, to think that this used to be a homey family place (in Sawfar).

#5 The contrast

Hope amid destruction is what would suit this scene, like hope at the end of the tunnel with such a bright beautiful view. You still need to stand on the creepy part though to see it.

#6 Once upon a Castle 

Believe it or not, fancy weddings get held at the garden of this crumbling castle that lived days of glory; Chateau Dona Maria in Sawfar.

#7 Believed to be haunted

It is creepy when you think about how scary this place in Majdala, Akkar, is to the locals who call it The Haunted House.

#8 Creepiness in Beirut

Another spooky-looking house, said to be haunted, probably more by memories than ghosts, but the photographer did mention the latter and “surreal night” in the caption of his post.

#9 No filter, No Welcome (Bekaa)

And don’t go enter it! 

#10 Creepily breathtaking

It is nonetheless imposing, that place in Kafr Matta… Quite depressing, though, that no effort was made to bring it back to what it seems to have had of glorious time.

#11 The ‘dream’ that comes to live

Have you ever had that scary dream of being stuck in an endless tunnel? Apparently, too many people had. That’s the creepy impression we get at looking at this place in Sawfar.

#12 Vaulted creepiness

Not a place you want to be… (Brave, brave photographer!)

#13 Forgotten asylum in Hazmieh

Where myths get created and illusions play tricks…

The Photographer Ahmad Ziab captioned it: “Abandoned Asylum. It was more fun in hell.” (We really don’t want to know what he meant!)

#14 Spooky in Fghal

Apparently, the photographer and his friends did camp in this house. It was at night upon taking the shot that the view got spooky. “A creepy result!!” He said in the caption. “Spikes coming out from the wall!!”

#15 Abandonned in Dhour

Once a fancy villa… today a (painful) dread to look at.

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