10 of the Most Beautiful and Random Incidents from Lebanon’s Revolution

Lebanese people are honestly some of the most beautiful souls in the world. As protests persist across Lebanon for the thirteenth day now, stories from the peaceful demonstrations across the country are warming our hearts, and also giving us a good laugh. If Lebanese people know how to do anything, it is to breathe life into any situation. Here are some of the things we have seen and heard online over the past few days that are worth sharing.


1. The First Eleven Days’ Music Track

@charbel_mazraaniembedded via  

A Lebanese by the name of Charbel Mazraani turned the First Eleven Days of the Protests into a Music Track you can listen to on Instagram.


2. Spelling Lebanon in Candles 

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People in the area of Barja in Chouf spelled Lebanon in candles, symbolizing Lebanon as a beacon of Peace and Light.


3. The symbol of the Revolution

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The symbol of the Revolution erupted in Beirut Martyrs’ Square and there have been rumors it will turn into a permanent fixture.


4. Psychological Support

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A young Lebanese psychologist named Pascale Nakhle set up a corner by the protest in Beirut to provide moral support, or what she calls “psychological first aid” to protestors.


5. Young Harry Potter fans 

Via @hjsham

Trying to cast spells on the government?


6. The “House of the People” placed on Airbnb for free

Via @rubbama

That site we wrote about yesterday,  the “Ring Bridge” in Jal El-Dib that the protesters furnished it into a living room, and called it the House of the People well, it’s on Airbnb!


7. A Manouche from South to Tripoli through the Human Chain

Via @mercurialsaliva

Like if the Lebanese tendency to tease had to also see its way through the Human Chain! Whoever did that joke deserves a medal, seriously, one with the form of a red heart with the cedar in its center. Written on the wrap, you can read, “Tripoli is hungry, deliver this manouche to her [it]. Pass it on.” And it did reach its destination…


8. A “Donation Box” for the Revolution

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Captioned: “Day 11 of the protest in Dahr al-Ahmar – Rachaya. A little girl named Farah started this initiative from her piggy bank, collecting 250 LBP and 500 LBP in support of the revolution (…) You can’t defeat the people who are united, hand in hand (…) in the face of corruption, and in the face of sectarianism, and in the face of the ambitious people. Hand in hand my brothers and sisters so we can build a more beautiful country that will be bigger than our ambitions instead of what we used to say ‘my ambition is bigger than this country.'” 


9. The crying soldier turned into a symbol of the Revolution

@gaeinkembedded via  

That Lebanese soldier who could barely hold his tears in front of his own people protesting so earnestly for a better Lebanon, you’ve seen him. He touched the hearts of all the protesters around Lebanon, and Lebanese artists have been drawing him as one of the symbols of the revolution: Love and Strength.


10. Artistic expressions of the Revolution

@islam.fawaqaembedded via  

A splendid art, which photo came with the following beautiful message, “Our revolution resurrected us, with our arms we build it, and our sky our blood calls, so let us respond.”


We don’t anticipate the coming days of the revolution will be anything short of brilliant. Stay safe everyone.

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