10 of the Most Romantic Getaways You Should Take Your Partner to in Lebanon

When it comes to having a partner, you really have to step it up and nurture the relationship, and Lebanon should be your destination for all that it offers of unique spots for unforgettable romantic getaways. So, take a look and gear up with your loved one, for these romance-inspiring spots are not to miss!  

#1 BEYt el Jabal

This old-style house, located in the southern mountain of Deir el Qamar, is part of the BEYt collective. It is nestled atop a cliff and offers stunning views of the Chouf mountains.

There are several private rooms you can rent out, which all are situated facing the magnificent view. There is also a private guest house for an even more secluded experience. Whatever your selection, the surrounding is amazing for romantic walks.

#2 Blue Jay Valley

This more rustic resort near Jezzine, in the southern region of Lebanon, is a charming getaway where you can go “glamping” and reconnect with your loved one. You can rent out a bungalow and take in the soothing scenery in the hot tub. There is also a swimming pool where you can cool off from the hot weather. You will enjoy your stay with your loved one, surrounded by mountainous nature and inundated with fresh air.

#3 MIST Spa Hotel

If you prefer a more luxurious getaway, MIST Hotel and Spa in the northern mountain of Ehden will give you that.

There is much to enjoy there during your romantic getaway in addition to the fresh air and the scenery; an idyllic tete-a-tete cocktail at the swanky bar with your loved one, and the not-less dreamy infinity pool at night.

You can also get to explore the mountain-city of Ehden while you are there, and experience the breathtaking view from Saydet El-Hosn’s shrine.

#4 Grand Hills Hotel & Spa

Another one for the luxury seekers, this hotel and spa in Broummana will have you and your loved one pampered like the gods.

Enjoy the full spa amenities or have a delicious breakfast out on the terrace, surrounded by pine trees. It will surely be an unforgettable experience that you two can cherish. Broumana is well-sought for its fresh air, but also for its main avenue animated at all time with leisure-walkers and restaurants.

#5 La Maison de la Foret

A one-of-a-kind experience for nature lovers, this getaway is situated in the pine forest of Bkassine and sparks a more tranquil state of mind out in nature.  The resort of La Maison de La Foret (The House of the Forest) offers plenty of amenities and outdoor activities as well. You can rent out one of the several bungalows they have for a cozy private experience with your “bae.”

#6 Bouyouti

This cozy resort nestled in Beiteddine, in the Chouf mountain, is a great romantic getaway for you and your partner. Bouyouti is an adults-only bed and breakfast that has a lovely garden with an infinity pool and its own restaurant.

There are several guesthouses available, mostly for couples. Should you consider going on a double-date trip, the resort offers also a larger guesthouse that can host four people.

While in the area, consider visiting the historical Beiteddine Palace of Amir Fakhreldine. It is not to miss.

#7 L’ Auberge Des Emirs

Also in the Chouf area, in the historical city of Deir el Qamar, this castle-like resort will have you and your “boo” feeling refreshed after your stay. Its expansive premises offer a full bar and lounge with live music acts, a large terrace with a swimming pool, plenty of space to lounge around, and cozy suites with all the amenities.

If you are up to take the experience of your stay further, this beautiful city has famous sites worth visiting, like the Moussa Castle and Museum, and the ancient Saydet El-Talle church and Fakhredine Mosque, among others.

#8 Palais Des Cedres Hotel 

Located in the south in Barouk near the Cedar Forest, the Palais Des Cedres (the Palace of the Cedars) is a light and airy getaway resort that affords you great quality time with your partner.

You can enjoy lounging by the pool or having a romantic dinner of traditional mezza at the hotel’s restaurant. There are also stunning views that will leave you feeling relaxed.

A walking distance from the Chouf Biosphere Reserve, you can get to also explore it or undertake some of the available outdoor activities like hiking.

#9 Soha Village Resort

Located 25 minutes from Beirut, this resort nestles in the pristine mountain of Falougha, overlooking the majestic La Martine Valley.

Soha Village Resort is a refreshing healthy-green escape from the commotion of the city for you and your loved one.

You will get to experience rustic warmth, stylish design, clear night sky, and the waking at the soothing sounds of exotic birds and the scents of wildlife.

Its high elevation offers stunning views of Lebanon from the top mountain to the sea, views that turn magical at sunset. It is definitely a peaceful retreat for reconnecting, and a unique getaway to experience.

#10 Mir Amin Palace

This Lebanese architectural gem in Beiteddine was the residence of the last princes (emir) of Lebanon up to the 19th century. It was renovated in the 60s to turn it into a hotel yet remains a landmark of Beiteddine.

Mir Amin Palace provides a great getaway that takes you back in time. It immerses you in the previous centuries with yet all modern amenities, exquisite cuisine, great views, and the distinguished Lebanese hospitality.

You will also enjoy its beautiful pool of mosaic flooring and its generous brunch meals on the terrace of the hotel’s restaurant, and bask in the serenity and fresh air surrounding your romantic time together.  This getaway is a unique experience that you should definitely try.

No matter your budget, there are many options for you and your partner to enjoy an escape from busy city life in Lebanon or to head to our country with for a unique gateway to experience.

Whichever the romantic destination you opt for this summer in Lebanon, we know for certain that you’ll enjoy your stay and the region while spending romantic quality time with your significant other.