10+ Photo Stories That Will Change Your View of The World

Photo Credit: Viki_nasty l Doctor Bethany

The world right now is changing very quickly. Our lifestyles are different, our daily routines are upside down, and the world is struggling. Amid that all, there are stories worth sharing, some are thought-provoking, some are incredible, and some make our hearts smile or cry.

#1 A story of Robots among humans

Robots have become not only useful but even essential these days due to social distancing and self-quarantine. Many companies are using them and drones to keep people safe, and even carry tasks that otherwise put health workers at risk.

In some parts of China, robots are replacing doctors in teleconsultations and are assisting in hospital sterilization. In other countries, androids and drones ensure that everyone wears face-masks. In the UAE, for example, the authorities are using drones to disinfect everything in their cities. China has been doing the same.

#2 “While the oceans separate us, the same moon unites us.”

This photo-story is thought-provoking for all humans on earth today. From China to Spain, 300,000 pieces of medical equipment are delivered thanks to Zara’s parent company Inditex, with a meaningful message of awakening to our reality. The world is indeed realizing how important unity is.

#3 A story of human unity facing a common threat

We are fighting Coronavirus with our humanity. This week in Tbilisi, Georgia, people laid out food and home products on the street for those who can’t shop due to the virus and economic difficulties.

#4 A ghostly stillness’ story

One could have never imagined even possible that London’s train stations could go stand as ghostly still and deserted, especially during rush hour as this station. The hustle and noise of everyday life have been paused by the Coronavirus outbreak.

#5 A story of mindfulness towards strangers

In one of the busiest streets of one of the busiest cities of the world, there where one walks amid strangers, a message was left to resonate with those who need it: Don’t Be Afraid of Anyone.

It took the coronavirus locking down New York City for the world to see that message on social media addressed to all.

#6 A story of brotherhood enduring social distancing even before the coronavirus

There are painful family stories we don’t see and know about until the recent hashtag of social distancing has brought some up to our attention.

The caption says it all: “This was the last opportunity before Harvey went into total isolation. Six months of social distancing due to his chemotherapy and radiotherapy has now been extended by 12 weeks of isolation. Still positive, motivated, and living by the rules. Please Britain, do the right thing.”

#7 A story that defies the odds

COVID-19: Italian grandma, 95, becomes the oldest person to recover from the disease. Alma Clara Corsini made a full recovery without “antiviral therapy”, and she is now back at the nursing home where she lives!

#8 Our view of world pollution will never be the same again

Victoria Yan | The Mountain Magazine

National lockdown is clearing the smog and pollution over Lebanon, as in many countries in the world. That mess we’ve been doing to our earth for decades can no longer be denied, refuted, or ignored. The difference is too striking. Is it the lesson or the warning humans will take out from this harsh phase?

#9 A story of collective gratitude

As Wuhan is now partially open after a hard-fought devastating battle, the people finally came out of their long months of quarantine, collectively expressing their gratitude to the universe or the supreme power they believe in, for having made it.

It took such a terrible scare for people to start appreciating the most important thing: Being alive daily.

#10 Caring for other species amid an outbreak

In Ranchi, the capital of the Indian state of Jharkhand, animals are not forgotten during human quarantines even if their masters left them behind, unfed. Security officers come to their rescue.

#11 A weird photo story of corona-police

It is weird indeed, and fear-infusing, but that’s what the Indian police in Chennai found to be effective in enforcing social-distancing, wearing a coronavirus head-mask!

#12 A pet photo-story during social distancing

Looking for his favorite food or something else? It doesn’t matter really, it is a photo-story that makes us smile.

#13 Caring for the homeless amid coronavirus

Local farms in India are handing out fruits and vegetables to homeless people as “the Coronavirus lockdown is wreaking havoc on the food supply chain, interrupting the flow from farms to cities,” according to Veridinews.

#14 The most impressive photo-story of all

We leave you with the caption of this photo-story that says it all:

May you never know what it is like to have your child on a ventilator,
May you never be told that you cannot visit your child in the hospital,
And may you never be told your partner is not allowed in the birthing room at your baby’s delivery.
These are all things happening right now because of COVID-19. The sooner we all truly social distance, the sooner this is over.
For the parents and children living the above-referenced nightmares, please #stayhome.

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