10 Photos That Will Make You Fall in Love with Lebanon Again

We sometimes take the beauty of our beloved Lebanon for granted. We forget the fact that this land of beauty is full of breathtaking sceneries that should never be forgotten, but adored.


Here’s a journey through our amazing Lebanon that will definitely make you fall in love with this amazing country again.

#1 Jounieh Bay

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This is the beautiful Jounieh bay, which is a coastal city in Keserwan District, about 16 km north of Beirut.


#2 Maaser Chouf

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An outstanding night view from the Maasser Chouf Cedar Natural Reserve.

This village is situated on the edge of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve and is about 7 km from one of the oldest groves of cedar trees in Lebanon


#3 Raoushe

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The famous Raoushe rocks which are popular tourist destination known for their iconic rock formations in picturesque seaside surrounds.


#4 Jezzine

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Fall in love with Lebanon once again after visiting Jezzine’s waterfall.

Jezzine is a town in Lebanon located 22 km from Sidon and 40 km south of Beirut. it is Lebanon’s hub for nature tourism due to its stunning mountain view, pine forests, and waterfalls.


#5 Tripoli

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The beautiful Port of Tripoli at sunset.

The Port of Tripoli is the second major port in Lebanon. The port covers an approximate area of 3km2.


#6 Qaraaoun, Bekaa

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Here’s the beauty of Qaraoun Lake located in the Qaraoun village in the Bekaa governorate.


#7 Amchit

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The attractive sea of Amchit.

Amchit is a seaside town and municipality in the Jbeil District of Mount Lebanon Governorate


#8 Jounieh Bay at night

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A great view from the sparkling Jounieh Bay at night.


#9 Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve

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The magical Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve at night.


#10 Zahle

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These are Zahle’s white trees.

Zahle is the capital and the largest city of Bekaa governorate.