Women’s March In Lebanon

KAFA Violence & Exploitation is a Lebanese NGO that promotes gender equality and seeks to create a society that is free of discrimination against women. Last Saturday, KAFA organized the Women’s March which took place in Nejmeh Square.

The demonstration was titled “8 is not just a number” since eight women have been killed in a month and a half which sparked outrage among Lebanese citizens.

The participants demanded to send the draft amendment of Law 293 to the Parliament. This law strengthens the protection for abused women and enforces sanctions against the criminals.

Law 293 was passed in 2014. The activists are demanding the amendment of the law to add more penalties against the abusers.

Red silhouettes of the victims were placed around the clock in Nejmeh Square. Each figurine holds a placard that bears a slogan such as “Anger is no excuse.” 

Dozens of people showed up, including the relatives of the victims. A lot of kids were also present.

The Lebanese Democratic Women’s Gathering (RDFL) launched a campaign last year to raise awareness about child marriage.


The efforts of the activists paid off last August when the Lebanese Parliament abolished Article 522 of the penal code, which is also known as the “marry the rapist” law.

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