10 Places In Lebanon Where You Can Enjoy A Nice Rafting Experience

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There are many extreme water sports activities in Lebanon where sports fans can get the ultimate adrenaline rush.

One of the most famous rafting spots in Lebanon to have an amazing rafting experience is along the Assi River!

The Assi River is a natural water stream, which is known for its currents and rocky path, and water depth that lasts all year long.

Located in Hermel, northern of the Bekaa valley, the river has five waterfalls along it, where people can enjoy a rafting activity for about 2 hours.

Besides getting a fun sporting activity, you will also get to enjoy beautiful greenery and nature surrounding the river, which is located around 3 hours away from Beirut.

So here are the places where you and your loved ones can enjoy a nice rafting activity along the Assi River:

Rafting Squad

Rafting Squad offers many water adventures in Hermel where you can get to enjoy local food, sightseeing, and many adventures, including rafting, kayaking, hiking, and camping by the Assi river.

For more info, contact 03 080 790 or 70 080 790.

Hotel & Restaurant Dardara Cascade

Located 6 km from the Al Assi bridge, Dardara Cascade is a hotel, restaurant, camping, and rafting club in the city of Hermel.

For inquiries, contact 03 828 880 or 03 861 670.

Rawdat Al Assi

Situated at the Assi River, Rawdat Al Assi offers its visitors camping, a hotel, a zip line, a restaurant, ATV, and a rafting experience with Mahfouz Rafting Club for you to have fun activity all season long.

For more information, contact 03 723 933.

Chir Al Assi Rafting Club

Chir Al Assi Rafting Club is a sports club and resort in Hermel, serving as a destination for rafting and camping, and a restaurant, as well as offering rooms for people to stay the night.

Contact 71 020 498 or 03 020 498 for more info.

Jannat Al Assi

Jannat Al Assi is a rafting club and restaurant in Hermel where you can have an hour to 4-hour rafting activity with your friends or loved ones.

Contact 03 454 980 or 03 013 203 for more information.

Rafting In Lebanon

You and your friends can have an entertaining rafting activity with the Rafting In Lebanon club, along with a natural view surrounding the Assi River.

For more info, contact 71 504 089.

Rafting Club River Adventures

Rafting Club River Adventures at the Assi River is the place to have good times with adventurous rafting, zip line, camping, fire nights, swimming, and also water games for kids.

Contact 70 209 828 or 71 183 367 for more information.

We Rafting

You can have an adventurous experience all season long with We Rafting, located along the Assi River. For more information, contact 81 625 498.

Maison De L’Oronte

Maison De L’Oronte in Hermel is a lovely rafting and camping spot, as well as a restaurant surrounded by nature.

For inquiries, contact 70 802 748.

Wild Explorers Lebanon

Wild Explorers Lebanon offers private hiking tours, camping, paragliding, scuba diving, and rafting activities during the summer season!

For inquiries, contact 70 333 970.

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