10 Places in Lebanon We’ll Soon Say Goodbye to Until Next Summer

We will be soon saying bye to summer 2019, but it’s okay because winter in Lebanon can be really exciting also. However, there are some things we won’t be able to enjoy until next summer, and some goodbyes must be said. Hence, to close this summer chapter, let’s take a look at 10 of the things we’ll be saying farewell to for this year.


#1 Feb 30- Sayf (Mar Mkhayel)

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Feb 30 is everyone’s favorite summer Lebanese hotspot and it will be closing for the summer. It had a good run this year, constantly being packed 4 times a week. See you in 2020 Sayf!


#2 Beaches- All of them!

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I don’t think I can love any place more than the beach. Lebanon has a large array of options for beaches to enjoy during summer, and it’s sad to think that they will be closing soon as we edge so close to the end of summer. So, goodbye salty hair and sun-kissed skin!


#3 Roof Top Lounges

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I can’t even begin to count how many rooftops we have in Lebanon. You’d actually be surprised how constantly packed they are, especially these 7 rooftops we couldn’t miss this summer. The beautiful high views and the awesome times there enjoyed will constantly be in remembrance until summer 2020!


#4 SkyBar (Downtown)

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Everyone’s favorite posh club will be closing for the summer. Skybar was the hub for the best commercial songs and most exciting décor. Hopefully, its sister club The O1ne will be opening beneath it.


#5 Frozen Cherry (Zaarour Club)

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See you next year Frozen Cherry! We’re going to miss your beautiful view, your chill ambiance, and your delicious food.


#6 Baakline River

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This beautiful river has been a summer destination for so many tourists and locals for years. We look forward to seeing its picturesque scenery next year.


#7 Afqa Waterfalls

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This beautiful waterfall looks like something out of a dream. It’s the perfect place to spend the day with family and friends and enjoy the beautiful scenery. So long Afqa Falls, we’ll see you next year!


#8 Chouwen Lake

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Considering that this Chouwen Edenic lake is already freezing in the summer, just imagine it in the winter. We bid our farewells to this beautiful lake and its scenery and we look forward to seeing it next summer.


#9 Rawche Rock Activities

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Many people use the rock as a leaping point. Others enjoy the boat ride around it. However, during winter, the increase of waves makes it unsafe for both activities. It remains that Raouche Rock is always a beautiful view any time of the year.


#10 Paragliding (Harissa)

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As scary as it is during summer, imagine jumping from a mountain with high levels of wind. This summer activity is only safe in the summer. Hopefully, we’ll be doing it next year in the summer of 2020!


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