10 Places In Lebanon That Will Help You Survive The Summer Semester

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Taking one or two summer courses is the optimal way to have a lighter load in the upcoming semesters or shave off a semester. However, between trying to decompress and enjoy summer, some university students find it challenging to juggle everything at once.

A few tips: Since everything is fast-paced and accelerated because you need to cover the same amount of material in half the usual time, try not to skip classes. This will also cut down on the time that you spend studying as you will have understood everything in class.

Moreover, you do not have to choose between an internship or taking summer courses: look for opportunities that offer part-time or flexible hours.

Finally, it is important to set aside some time for your social activities. Finding a good place to study, that will make you forget about the summer heat, will help you focus and finish more workload.

Here are 10 places that will help you survive the upcoming weeks while still enjoying your time:

Sip – Gemmayzeh

Located in the heart of Gemmayzeh, Sip is the perfect spot for both indoors and outdoors lovers. Escape the summer heat in their airconditioned setting along with a cup of coffee.

Kaffeine – Horsh Tabet

Whether you’re there for the coffee or the food, Kaffeine won’t disappoint. Enjoy studying in their relaxing setting with free wifi and everything else you might need.

Kalei – Multiple Locations

Located in Ras Beirut and Mar Mkhayel, Kalei offers a perfectly calm atmosphere that allows you to study while enjoying your cup of coffee and surroundings.

B.Hive – Hamra

“A Coffee Shop, Work Space & a Community”. Located in Hamra, B.Hive is a spacious indoor and outdoor coffee shop. Also, their meeting rooms, which are perfect for group study sessions, are available for booking.

NewYorker Cup – Multiple Locations

Located in Jbeil, Badaro, and Jal El Dib, NewYorker Cup is ready to cater to students all over Lebanon. Relax in their cozy ambiance and enjoy the colorful atmosphere around you.

Unicorn Coffee House – Broumanna

Escape the heat with Broumanna’s breezy air. Unicorn Coffee house is a fan’s favorite for its beautiful decoration, friends-inspired theme, and tasty coffee. Grab your laptop and enjoy the endless restaurants in the area once you’re done with work.

Cantina Sociale – Ashrafieh

Head to Ashrafieh and enjoy the healthy bites, delicious coffee, and numerous board games during your breaks. The self-service makes the place feel even more like a home away from home.

Agonista Coffee – Zalqa

Coffee for a cause: study in Agonista while sipping on their affordable coffee and forget all about your worries since they’re “always serving smiles”.

Rassif – Tripoli

Tripoli folks, this place is for you: friendly staff, good food, good coffee,… your options are endless.

Grid Coffee Matrix – Multiple Locations

Located in Saint George Bay (also known as Zaytouna Bay) and Beirut Souks, Grid has all the solutions to your problems: delicious coffee, heavenly sweets, and a calm ambiance to help you focus and get work done.

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