10 Places Where You Can Take A Power Nap In Your Car!

If you’re driving and you’re feeling sleepy, all you have to do is to pull over and take a nap! Kunhadi is a Lebanese NGO that promotes safe driving that started this


, which is called “Nap & Go” to promote good driving habits in Lebanon. The rest spots are available in 10 MEDCO gas stations across Lebanon. This project has been funded by Picon.

10 places where you can take a power nap in your car!

#1 Dora

#2 Damour

#3 Jiyyeh

#4 Fiadieh

#5 Reyfoun

#6 Jbeil

#7 Aley

#8 Cornet Chehwan

#9 Taanayel

#10 Monsef

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