10 Places Where You Can Take A Power Nap In Your Car!

If you’re driving and you’re feeling sleepy, all you have to do is to pull over and take a nap! Kunhadi is a Lebanese NGO that promotes safe driving that started this


, which is called “Nap & Go” to promote good driving habits in Lebanon. The rest spots are available in 10 MEDCO gas stations across Lebanon. This project has been funded by Picon.

10 places where you can take a power nap in your car!

#1 Dora

#2 Damour

Good Morning From MEDCO el Damour!

Posted by MEDCO SAL on Saturday, April 29, 2017

#3 Jiyyeh

When you see this sign, it means you're 300 m away from a 'Nap & Go' spot where you can take a nap & continue your…

Posted by Kunhadi on Sunday, July 30, 2017

#4 Fiadieh

اذا بلّشت تغطّ عينك انت وسايق على طريق الفيّاضية، صفّ بمحطّة MEDCO SAL وخدلك غطّة بالمكان المخصص لتكمّل مشوارك بأمانبتمويل من Picon وبالتعاون مع Kunhadi

Posted by Kunhadi on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

#5 Reyfoun

You can now take a nap in MEDCO SAL station in Rayfoun!Sponsored by Picon, 'Nap & Go' is installed in 10 Medco Gas stations around Lebanon to reduce car crashes caused by Fatigue Driving.

Posted by Kunhadi on Sunday, September 24, 2017

#6 Jbeil

#7 Aley

#8 Cornet Chehwan

#9 Taanayel

#10 Monsef