10 Places You Must Visit In The Lebanese Town Of Jezzine


Jezzine is one of the most visited Lebanese towns in the south, located 73 km away from Beirut. The name is of Aramaic-Syriac origin, originally Gazin, which means Reserves.

Locals and tourists love this beautiful town to the point where the population goes from 3,500 to 8,000 inhabitants during the summer, according to EUROMED.

There’s plenty to see and enjoy in Jezzine, and here are some of these places you can’t miss visiting while in town:

The Jezzine Waterfall

The Jezzine Waterfall is considered to be the 5th higher waterfall in the world, according to EUROMED.

The best time to visit this waterfall is usually during winter and spring as the heavy snow that covers Jezzine creates meltwater. During summer, it is usually just a gentle trickle.

In order to walk to the waterfall, you should drive to Wadi Jezzine until you find a black gate. The gate is the way to get in by foot. From there, it is just a walk of a few minutes to be right under the waterfall.

Souk El Sedd

This Souk in the heart of Jezzine portrays the town’s identity. You can find craft shops that sell handmade traditional 200-year-old cutlery designed to have a bird-shaped handle. The bird is a firebird which is the symbol of Jezzine.

Other shops include homemade Lebanese products and food as well as restaurants and cafes.

The Source

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The source is a historical meeting point in the older days, which carried water from the uptown to homes. A water mill downwards used to be fed from this source and it was transformed into a church.

The Municipal Palace

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You can find the Municipal Palace of Jezzine in the town’s square. It was previously known as the Jezzine Serail and is admired for the Ottoman traditional architecture. The Ottoman Seraglio was built in 1898 to portray power and strength with massive columns and defined arches.

Kanaan Mansion


Suleiman Beik Kanaan built The Kanaan mansion in 1892. He was an extreme nationalist who fought the Druze landlords at the time in defense of Jezzine residents. The mansion’s beautiful and unique architecture grabs the attention of people.

961 contacted Karim Kanaan who is the fourth generation Kanaan and he said that the mansion is currently occupied by family members.

He explained how people passing by would stop and admire the building and then sit in the backyard, which is open to the public. He told us, “Just last week a group of Italians was passing by so I invited them over for Lebanese coffee.”

Saydet El Maabour

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Saydet El Maabour also known as Saydet Jezzine is located at the entrance of Jezzine and is frequently visited. The town decorates the holy place with flowers and candles to honor the Virgin Mary on August 15th.

Another important note is that at the top of the staircase you will be exposed to a breathtaking view. On one side, you will see one of the largest pine forests in the Middle East, and from the other side Jezzine from another perspective.

L’Etoile Du Loup

L’Etoile Du Loup is a restaurant, bar and resort that offers luxury chalets. It is located on the highest point in Jezzine, which provides a spectacular panoramic view while enjoying Lebanese food and delicious cocktails, especially during the sunset.

Serhal Palace

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The Farid Serhal Palace was built by Dr. Farid Serhal who was a member of the Lebanese parliament. This palace remains unfinished until this day, however, it is filled with masterpieces from all over the world.

Serhal was a collector of carpets, sculptures, books, antiques, paintings, and many more. The palace can be visited today with an entrance fee to ensure maintenance.

The 360 Hiking Trail

According to Jezzine Tourism, on this hike, you will walk through spectacular traditional villages to see 360 views of the region.

The trail starts at the Jezzine Municipal building then you pass by Souk el Sedd, Ain Toughar, and Haytoura to reach the Church of Saint Anthony.

Then, if you head through olive groves and cattle, you will come across a pine forest that will lead to Kaytouli village. The village is known for its fountain and churches.

La Maison de la Foret

During your visit, you can head to the nearby village of Bkassine for a meal in the heart of a splendid forest at La Maison de la Foret. The place serves authentic Lebanese food and offers a diversity of outdoor activities, as well as bungalows and cabins.

There is also a hiking trail from La Maison de la Foret that will take you through the famous pine forest.

On the hike, you will witness phenomenal views from the Niha fortress to the cliffs of Jezzine. You will explore an 18th-century watermill in the village of Bkassine. The destination is the border between the Jezzine and Chouf regions.

961 contacted the Mayor of Jezzine and President of the Union of Jezzine Municipalities, Khalil Harfouche, to ask how he would describe Jezzine. He stated, “Jezzine is like a wonderful bride, she’s beautiful and you get attached to it.”

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