10+ Really Good Things From This Week to Make You Cheer Up

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Let’s be honest here, we all need some cheering up right now, and we all need to believe that good things are still occurring in the world. So we searched the internet for some really good stories, and guess what? We found plenty worth sharing, some even a must to share. From heartwarming and inspiring to entertaining and motivating, and even some that will bring tears to your eyes.

#1 The seniors are rocking it!

Sally Gilmour, 86 years old, playing the piano while her husband Ken, 83 years old, is dancing behind her. This couple found a great and creative way to pass time and entertain one another during quarantine in Cornwall, South West England.

#2 Visiting Grandma

These two little kids are visiting their great-grandma in Denmark with a window separating them. The caption says: “Great Grandma was thrilled and it was fantastic to see her big smile.” These kids loved their grandma so much they couldn’t wait to see her, but without exposing her to danger.

#3 Something like a miracle

She’s 90, she contracted COVID-19 in Kirkland, Washington, and no one expected she’ll make it. This week, on March 22nd, doctors declared free of the disease. Her family welcomed her back with tears, joy, and relief.

#4 A love story

Lauren lives in a care facility. She has Alzheimer but somehow she does remember her husband Bob. He had to visit her from behind the window due to social distancing and give her some comfort and encouragement. Inspiring love, indeed. They’ve been married for almost 62 years.

#5 An extinct specie warning humans

This person in Allentown, Pennsylvania, found a funny way to impress people to stay at home. According to this dinosaur, we better stay at home because extinction sucks.

#6 Funny neighbors

Do you need it that bad that you would take it from Pennywise? People in some countries, especially in the US, have been panic-buying toilet paper, which led most markets to run out. I guess now we know who took them all!

#7 Bad for humans… good for nature?

This bird found a place to nest while everyone else is nesting in their own houses. Us Lebanese have a saying for this: مصائب قوم عند قوم فوائد (some people’s disasters are other’s benefits).

#8 Making the best out of the worst

This 84 years old professional pianist couldn’t make it to a music conference in Quebec due to the Coronavirus outbreak, so he decided to hold his own solo concert for his neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado.

#9 Desperate times call for desperate measures!

Hilarious? Yes, probably, but hey, she at least acted resourcefully to keep herself and others safe, despite what little she’s got. A+ for re-purposing and creativity. (We’ll never look at our kitchen’s sponges the same again!)

#10 This too shall pass

Indeed, it shall. Especially when people are proving initiatives of solidarity, encouraging others to hang on, like the person who put up that sign for all to see. A message like this can make the day of any and all who see it, and everyone needs that these days.

#11 If you haven’t heard about this already… What are you doing?

Jeremy and Tori are Brooklyn neighbors who saw each other from their respective rooftops and began dating in a time of quarantine. Jeremy spotted Tori dancing on the rooftop of her apartment and sent her a drone with his number on it. Their first date was a rooftop-to-rooftop dinner, and on their second date, they decided to get a little closer while staying cautious. So Jeremy showed up in a bubble. Crying yet?

#12 A wholesome message to a struggling population

All You Need Is Love from a balcony in Milano, Italy. People in Italy have been supporting and empowering each other in any way they can, and this is truly remarkable.

#13 Loving grandma on her birthday

This family gathered while keeping distance to celebrate this great grandmother’s birthday. A great moment, for us viewers, and certainly for the grandma.

#14 Five more heartwarming scenes that say it all

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