10 Reasons Why We Lebanese Need to Preserve Our Trees and Reforest

That green color in the heart of our flag is not just a symbol of Lebanon and the Lebanese people, but also an enduring reminder of that which we hold sacred in our heart. And sacred should it be similarly held in our ground. The Cedar doesn’t speak just for itself but for all the trees that grow on our land.  Their abundance that had brought our country to carry proudly the name of Loubnan El-Akhdar (Lebanon The Green), we have taken it for granted for so long that we have failed to realize that we are losing it.


#1 They grant us oxygen             

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Sounds kind of basic right? It’s absolutely true; the very basis of our existence and survival. We NEED to take action in planting more trees in Lebanon to preserve our main source of breathing and health. We have damaged a lot of our forests but Lebanon has many available lands just waiting for us to plant and reforest. 

That is what occurred recently in Kafardebian where 1000 cedars were planted thanks to the relentless efforts of a small group of Lebanese individuals who got together, formed an association (Green Cedar Lebanon), and made it happen.

As these trees will grow, they will remove harmful pollutants from the air they consume. That reforestation will help improve our “natural air filter,” hence we encourage more such actions across Lebanon.


#2 They represent and maintain the beauty of our land

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Imagine for a few minutes a Lebanon without forests and trees, a bare land of rocks and cement constructions. Imagine stepping out of your house every day and gazing at such a hard-looking sad environment, with no greenery and no scents of nature to invigorate you.

That natural beauty of ours won’t last forever if we don’t love it enough to take care of it properly. There is no use for us to cry over the trees that are gone or blame here and there those who messed up our forests. Instead, let us endeavor to plant more and more trees in order to continuously enhance the natural beauty of Lebanon, and keep pleasing our eyes and lungs in all that it offers us… free of charge.


#3 They preserve our wildlife for a healthy eco-system

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Our homes may be made of bricks and cement; however, our Lebanese furry friends depend on their habitat of sticks and stones and fauna. Our wildlife is important to us humans living in Lebanon and from Lebanon’s earth. Let’s brief it: 

Our wildlife, which is formed of all undomesticated lifeforms, including birds, insects, plants, fungi, and even microscopic organisms,  ensures us with a healthy ecological balance in Lebanon. Each of these lifeforms has an important place in our food chain, hence contributes to our ecosystem. And their existence depends on the abundance of trees.


#4 They fight for us against climate change

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One of the most famous things Lebanon is known for is its seasonal weather; the perfect four seasons. However, the excess of carbon dioxide building up is being detrimental to our climate, in Lebanon as in the world.

And since trees transform the carbon dioxide into oxygen, we need more and more trees to deal with the excess, hence preserve the natural seasonal weather. 


#5 They provide us with our delicious healthy fruits

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Apples, oranges, and bananas, and all the fruits we so enjoy in Lebanon are grown on trees. We know that. No brainy here. Lebanese fruits are even famous and sought after beyond our borders. And we have been taken them and their supply and providers for granted.

If we keep disregarding the importance of preserving our fruit trees, and of planting more, that supply will diminish significantly and we will be relying on importing from foreign countries, which are being more conscious in that regard. 


#6 They protect our soil from eroding

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Trees play a major role in holding the soil together in place and preventing run slides. They protect the soil from the impact of heavy rain, they counteract very wet soil by transpiring the large amounts of water, and their roots bind the soil and stabilize it.

Not only they reduce the effect of erosive forces with their root systems but also with their leaves and branches that create a flexible cover, protecting their surrounding areas against the force of wind and rain. Planting group trees, like our forests, is most recommended for that reason. 


#7 They infuse us with peace of mind

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In destressing us and calming our mind, trees could be magical. That effect of nature on our physical and mental wellbeing has been proven by science and experienced by all nature lovers who are generally happier and less stressed. We ought not only to preserve our forests but also to reforest and create more of such spaces for our peace of mind.


#8 They improve the quality of our water

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This might surprise many of you, but it is a fact that trees in large groups, like forests filter the natural supply of water when they reduce soil erosion. We might have been enduring soiled and polluted bodies of water in Lebanon, and lack of due attention (and respect) to them; however, it is no reason to disregard reforesting for the crucial role trees play in improving the natural supply of quality water.


#9 Their presence increase property value

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Yes, yes, let’s talk about that also. Houses surrounded by trees or even overlooking green forests are more valuable, so we got to mention that. The trees will add beautiful decor around the estate or area, making the overall price of sale higher.


#10 Our Flag carries in its heart the mightest of all

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The mighty trees of all, the Cedar, marks our flag in a statement of resilience that says, “We are here to stay until the end of times.” Let’s bring that Lebanese pride lively green on the ground and across Lebanon.

Let’s have it breathe, and grow, and multiply, and carry on its constructive role in helping to maintain our land together, our air clean, our water healthier, our wildlife secure, our food chain unaltered, and our Lebanon always naturally beautiful. 

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