10 reasons why you need Lebanese friends in your life!

People need three things in their lives: a support system, good food, and Lebanese friends!


They will teach you three languages

Lebanese people are trilingual! Not only they speak Arabic, English, and French; they also know how to mix them while speaking. You’ll naturally say “Hi! Kifak/kifik? Çava?” two weeks after befriending a Lebanese person.

They are easygoing

“Yalla” is not a word; it’s a lifestyle!


They party hard

Lebanese people are party animals! After all, Beirut has one of the most active nightlife scenes in the world! Expect to party like you never did before!


Their parents will treat you like family

Lebanese parents will treat you like their children. You’ll be invited to family dinners and gatherings; refusing the invitation is not an option.

They will introduce you to the best cuisine in the world

Be ready to taste real hummus! And, oh! Nothing beats Lebanese sweets after having a heavy lunch! If you’re lucky enough, your friends will invite you to have lunch at their grandma’s place. Know that Lebanese grandmas make the best food ever!


They’ll shower you with habibis and hayetes

Lebanese people express their affection a lot to their loved ones.

They will take care of you

If you’re feeling down, know that there are your friends and their entire families behind your back.


They will teach you the dabke

You cannot possibly attend a Lebanese event without knowing how to dance the dabke! If your friends are professional dabke dancers, they will teach you how to dance on the wall!


They will take you on crazy car rides

Be ready to experience the “Fast and Furious” ride or die scenes! Given the fact that Lebanese people are used to drive on crazy roads, they can be considered as professional racers. There’s nothing to be worried about. Or maybe you should be worried a little.

They are funny

Nothing beats Lebanese humor! Lebanese friends will make jokes about any given situation!


They are adventurous

Lebanese people do not plan their trips and nights! After all, unplanned things turn out to be the best!