10+ Reasons Why You Should Go to Lebanon During Christmas

To say that Lebanese are the kind of people who love to give and have fun is an understatement; we are born for a life of optimism and smiles. It is not our fault that we were born into difficult circumstances and difficult timing. And, even though, we try to make the best out of it.

Especially this time of the year, where the skies above Lebanon, and Beirut in particular, twilight a little while longer due to the Christmas lights in the majority of the Lebanese houses.

Because no matter how hard the times are, Lebanese people will always make sure that Christmas will always pass as jolly and blessed as it should on Lebanon and the Lebanese.

This is why Lebanese residing here invites diaspora and everyone from all around the world back to Lebanon to enjoy the best of Christmas in holy lands of the Cedars.

#1 Get to live unique moments with the Revolution in the streets

Yes, we do need to start with this one because of various factors. It is now known worldwide that never has it been a revolution like ours, and this is your opportunity to see it up close, record the moments, explore the revolution wall arts and graffiti, admire the revolution artistic monuments, mingle with the crowd in its varieties, absorb the true meaning of co-existence, unity and patriotism, and even take part in some of its many activities.

Vloggers have been visiting and getting impressed. Make the experience yours this season! It will be certainly unforgettable, and you will have so many real stories to carry back with you to your friends abroad.

#2 Get to see the meaningful Revolution Christmas Tree being co-created nationally

From Beirut Souks to Martyr’s Square, Beirut is yearly decorated in most lavishing decorations that one always has to pause and admire. This year, the decoration will be getting more beautiful as Lebanese revolutionaries are planning on making their own Revolution Christmas Tree made from pots and pans from different areas of Lebanon!

#3 Enjoy the beautiful snow season in our mountains

Christmas week happens to also be the week where the snow is at its thickest in Mzaar Kfardebian, Falougha, Laqlooq, the Cedars, and most mountains in Lebanon.

A Christmas week in Lebanon means you get to enjoy a week of snowshoeing while waiting for Santa’s elves to finish off their Christmas shopping for the year. You can also get to enjoy a great New Year’s Eve party at one of the numerous venues in the snowy towns.

#4 Come support Lebanon while enjoying your time

If you believe that Lebanon deserves to be saved, whether you are a Lebanese or not, come join the hundreds of thousands flying to Lebanon to spend their holidays’ budget here. You will be enjoying great times with so many things to do while helping boost the economy

#5 Catch some of the various season events

Speaking of Lebanon turning into a Christmas village, in every corner of Lebanon near the holidays you will find a Christmas market, musical, fair, or bazaar waiting for you to come and explore the dazzling lights, the delicious food, and the cheerful ambiance.

#6 Wake up to sounds of Church bells and prayers in all areas

Coming to Lebanon during the holidays means you get to enjoy a very spiritual Christmas with believers, where you wake up at the bells ringing and lullabies singing and enjoy throughout the day choruses and corals from different churches.

#7 Celebrating Christmas with all religions

In Lebanon, our diversities are what unite us the most. Christmas is one of the few holidays that everyone celebrates, whatever their religion.

After finishing your Sunday prayers, the sound of a Mosque will be heard and a Muslim neighbor from a neighborhood nearby will invite you over for some tea and cookies to celebrate the jolly holidays with them too.

#8 Get to see Lebanon turned into a huge Christmas village

During the season, Lebanon literally turns into a huge Christmas village. From the beautiful Jbeil Christmas Village to the ones in Zahle and Jounieh, we cannot even explain how magical it is unless you see it for yourself.

#9 Savoring all the Christmas goodies your heart desires

Yes, it is a holiday. And yes, eating a whole Buche De Noel should not make you feel bad at all, Lebanese sweets are as relishing and this is the season where our patisseries go to the extreme with their varieties. 

#10 Get to give back with some community service when it’s most needed now

We always encourage everyone to give back to the community all year long, but many people do not have the time or money to donate and volunteer all year long so they choose to do so during this season.

Thankfully, our local NGOs always have their doors open, especially during holidays, for volunteers to come help, donate, and fundraise to help everyone enjoy a very merry Christmas. And this year, it is more important than ever to enact optimal empathy.

#11 Enjoy Lebanese Christmas meal gatherings

Be the Christmas miracle for your loved ones who have been missing you so dearly for a while now. There is no better time to see relatives and friends than during Christmas where everyone is already cuddled up near a fireplace, reminiscing over happy memories and joyful times.

#12 Get to enjoy Christmas dinners anywhere you go

If you don’t have any relatives or friends in Lebanon, that’s totally okay too! Our Lebanese hospitality kicks a little extra during this time of the year.

No matter where you go and who you meet, there will always be a family who will offer you a warm blanket and an invitation for a Christmas dinner at their house so you get to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas with them.

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