10+ Reasons Why You Should Stay in Lebanon

This period got the Lebanese people divided into two categories: those who are determined to leave Lebanon, and those who are more than ever determined to stay in Lebanon.

Of course, the thought of immigrating isn’t alien to this country’s people, since it has always been in the back of everyone’s mind.

However, Lebanon now needs its people, so if you are looking for reasons to stay, here are 13 good ones!

#1 Your irreplaceable family

This is the number one reason that is keeping many people from leaving.

When the system’s injustice cost you your career, your dream, your rights as a human, etc. there’s always your family that you know you’ll miss dearly and that you know is irreplaceable.

The joyous and warm feeling you get when you’re with them and their loving care and support is irreplaceable. Life is short, spend as much time as you can with your family.

#2 Your Lebanese friends

Sure, you will make friends abroad, but will they compare to the ones you have back home?

Those unpredictable, care-free, adventurous, fun, and caring Lebanese friends who will literally do anything for you, and who understand you even when you don’t feel like talking…

If you can live without them, without Sunday’s Mashewe wel shabeb, the spontaneous road trips to the mountains or to the beach, or the late-night shisha parties, then go ahead and leave.

#3 Authentic Lebanese food

You may find Tabbouleh and Hummus in many other countries, but nothing will compare to our authentic ones in the homeland.

There’s just too much to miss! Are you ready to spend your days eating burgers and pizzas instead of real and authentic Lebanese food?

#4 Because we are not quitters

When asked about the reason why they stay in Lebanon, many say that they refuse to give up, that this cause is too important, and that they are apt to the challenge.

They refuse to allow a limited number of corrupt people to make them leave their homeland; instead, they would rather stay and fight to free and save their country. In the end, rightful causes always win.

#5 The gratification

The gratification of working towards a radical positive change and finally winning the battle.

Every battle the people complete will bring them closer to winning their peaceful war; the war against the abusive system, government, and everyone and everything that threaten the people’s dignity and right to a better life.

The feeling of receiving a great life for yourself isn’t nearly as satisfactory as the feeling of making a great life for a nation.

#6 You have something to offer

This is about giving back to the place that you call home. Everyone has something to offer, no matter how small:

Your supporting presence, volunteer work, an invention, a research study, skills that help your surroundings, a piece of art, or motivating the future generation.

Now more than ever, your country needs you. And you can leave a meaningful imprint and stand out in your own country.

#7 Lebanon’s future

Now more than ever, there’s not only hope but living proof that things are changing towards the better.

This revolution we are living in Lebanon showed us that the Lebanese people are aware and knowledgeable enough now not to repeat their previous mistakes.

Even if it takes a while and numerous efforts, a better Lebanon is worth it all and is surely on its way. Don’t you want to contribute, witness, and be part of the history the people are writing now for their country? 

#8 The crazy and beautiful people

No matter how annoyed you might be right now at the crazy lifestyle Lebanese people have, you’ll miss all of it once you leave because you won’t find anything like it elsewhere.

The Lebanese are the kind of people that will go to any extreme to have a good time and create a fun ambiance, even amid the challenges and hardships.

There’s no dull moment when you are surrounded by them.

#9 There’s always something to discover

Lebanon is full of hidden gems, most of which you haven’t even heard of, yet. There’s always a story, a historic moment or place, a beautiful hidden lake, an old store…

Plus, whichever Lebanese village or city you visit, you’ll discover new traditions and different lifestyles. Lebanon is such a small country, but its beauty is infinite.

#10 It’s the right thing to do

You were born here, it must mean something. Lebanon isn’t just your country, it’s a part of your personality and who you are. You are made of Lebanon and Lebanon is made of you.

And with every person who leaves, our country loses a piece of itself. We together are what makes Lebanon awesome, and we can’t possibly let it down.

#11 Getting bored isn’t an option

There’s ALWAYS something to do, and you can find activities that meet your interests everywhere with a maximum of a 2 or 3 hours ride.

The climate is also a great assistant to ensure you a good time, you can go skiing almost every day during winter, or swimming every day during the summertime.

Lebanon really is a place for everyone.

#12 Some unique things

There are some things you can only find in Lebanon, like the historic castles, the ancient temples, the far-away monasteries, and you name it.

These are the places that attract many tourists from all around the world, and you are lucky enough to be just down the street from them or a simple one hour away.

#13 What if we all left?

Lebanon needs us, it really does. Imagine what would happen if all the educated, talented, and mindful people left; what will become of our beautiful country then?

Will we leave it to the corrupt and negligent people, only to come back and see our siblings, parents, grandparents, nephews, and nieces living in a ruined place?

We can prevent the destruction of Lebanon by just being here and fighting for the country and its people’s rights.

The most important reason of all, the reason that is within every single one of us, is that we love our Lebanon and we deeply care about it, and this has been relevant now more than ever.

All this past time we spent judging it and wishing for an opportunity to leave wasn’t because we hated our country but the corruption and abuses of power that were killing our hopes and dreams.

We never hated our country, we hated the wrongness done to it and its people.

So let’s stand together, in Lebanon, for Lebanon!

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