10+ Songs Born From The Lebanese Revolution 2019

Revolution’s songs are not something new in the history of nations. The most powerful songs were written during wars and revolutions. Passion at its best with patriotic incitement and expressions of pain and visions, but there are also the soothing songs, the prayerful ones, and the joyful ones.

The current Lebanese Revolution is no different in that. The same passion that has driven millions to the streets to demand the Lebanon we all deserve has also given birth to timely songs; different tunes, different lyrics, and all for the nation.

Our list will not differentiate between the widely famous and not so widely famous, because We Are All in This Together. The Revolution, which concerns us all, unites us equally. And our list here will start with the most important one of all, in my opinion, because it marks a major historical change in our nation:

#1 The Lebanese National Anthem by Annahar News team

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We have been long (too long) waiting for it, ever since our independence for which had also fought our foremothers. Despite their all-time vital role in most aspects of our nation, they were “forgotten” in the national anthem that ensued upon our independence. My heartfelt gratitude to Annahar News team for this splendid initiative!

#2 Beirut – Revolution by Dahliaontherun

A beautifully created poem-song by Lebanese-French singer and director Dahlia Nemlich, who grew up between France and Lebanon and decided to move back to Lebanon for good, 3 years ago. She dedicates this to Beirut as she has come to realize through this revolution how much the love of the Lebanese for their country toppled the underlying hate.

#3. Lebnen is Mine by Karl Wolf

In a perfect representation of the cause and the current situation of the Lebanese people, Lebanese Canadian singer-songwriter Karl Wolf recently released this song and video-clip for Lebanon in support of the revolution, including all the proceeds of its sales.

#4 Thawrit Lebnan by DJ Rodge

The legendary Lebanese DJ Rodge, who is known to most clubbing aficionados of the world, has created this powerfully beautiful masterpiece, which we can easily foresee playing soon in clubs and events. The lyrics are by Nabil Abou Abdo.

#5 Sawra by Hisham El Hajj

In this passionate revolutionary song with upbeat rhythms, Hisham El-Hajj incites the people to stand up and rebel against the pain of the nation.

Lyrics by Bassam Ibrahim. Composed by Wissam El-Amir. Recording and distribution by Tony Saba. Mastering by Muhammad Al-Maqhour. Montage by Eddy Beshaalani

#6 The Revolution Anthem 2019 by a group of Lebanese artists

This particular anthem was first chanted at the Martyrs’ Square in Beirut by several known artists and activists at the protests. People demonstrating in Al-Alam Square in Tyre joined in that night with their voices from the south. A deeply touching moment of strong patriotic unity that has been linking the towns and cities of our nation these weeks.

Lyrics by Mehdi Mansour. Concept and distribution by Ziad Ahmadiyya. Music Recording by RED Studio. Video recording by Saad Al-Qadri

#7 Albeh Nkassar (My heart broke) by Massari

A very touching song by Lebanese-Canadian singer and songwriter Massari who has been also an active part of our revolution. He even participated in the protests in Los Angeles while in the city, refusing to miss it.

#8 Song of the Homeland Revolution by Artegrel

Performed by Bilal Al-Ahmadi and Noujoum Ghorabeh Lil Fan el-Islami. Lyrics by Manal Al Ayoubi. Distribution by Ahmed Al-Adhami. Mastering and Mixing by Bilal sound studio.

#9 Ouwetna Bwehdetna (Our Strength in Our Unity) by Al Walid Hallani

Lyrics by Nizar Francis. Composed by Assi El Hallani. Music Arranger: Tony Saba Mastering: Mohammad Makhour. Directed by Abdullah Ghanem. Artist Management: Fadi Sibai – AMD Production

#10 Thawra by Dina Hayek

Dina Hayek starts her song by pledging the famous historical promise of one nation’s unity of the Lebanese martyr Gebran Tueini. It is a revolutionary upbeat song, reinforcing the slogans of the revolution and calling for enough is enough.

#11 Kellon Ya3ne Kellon

We couldn’t possibly miss this one! Performed as well by Noujoum Ghorabeh Lil Fan el-Islami with modern upbeat. Distribution by Islam Shaaban. Mastering and Mixage by Islam Shaaban.

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