10+ Songs of Fairouz That Hit the Spot During These Times in Lebanon

Today, and as we celebrate our 76th Independence Day, Lebanon celebrates as well the icon that makes Lebanon the landmark of culture, beauty, patriotism, and class.


Some people would say that it is a total coincidence that Fairouz’s birthday comes at the eve of Lebanon’s Independence Day but, for us Fairouz enthusiasts, we disagree.

We have grown so attached to Fairouz’s voice and songs that it almost feels like she has a song for every mood and every moment we live, especially now with the 17 October Lebanese Revolution. Here are some songs and lyrics that we all can relate to during these times.

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#1 Watani. My Nation (1969)

Among Fairouz’s infinite patriotic songs, this one is among my favorites. Its lyrics not only describe the beauty of Lebanon’s mountains but also the beauty of the houses that shelter our resistant people.

Relatable lyrics: My Nation, in your name and in the name of love; as I am growing, you are growing in my heart; and the days that are coming hides a sun within them; you are the strong, you are the rich, you are the world, my nation.


#2 Al-Busta The Bus (1979)

It feels as though we are riding with Fairouz on her journey from Hemlaya to Tannourine, but instead; from Tripoli to Tyre, joining all the different and diverse areas in Lebanon with each other.

Relatable lyrics: As the bus roars; the bus that we took from Hemlaya town to Tannourine; I remember you, Alya; and I remembered your eyes, and, Oh God, Alya your eyes are so beautiful!


#3 Ya Herriyeh – O Freedom (1972)

One of the revolution songs of the streets these days, this song is definitely a push to always fight for our freedom and persistence.

Relatable lyrics: Yell loudly, loudly; run in the fields, loudly; tell freedom that you are coming, and be happy… be happy; O nights O paths O stones; follow us to the wild tree.


#4 Bhebak Ya Lebnan – I Love You Lebanon (1970)

We love you Lebanon, in your bad days and in your good day, and we will always stand with you against anything and anyone that tries to divide you. Lebanon, we have your back!

Relatable lyrics: They said what goes on in the land of festivals, strewn as it is with fire and dynamite; I said our land is being reborn; the Lebanon of dignity; even in your madness, I love you; because your love gathers us together.


#5 Allah Mhayi 3askarna – God Bless our Army (1974)

We salute our Lebanese army in these difficult days of change and we salute their efforts to try and keep the peace.

Relatable lyrics: What is new with them [the army]? How are they feeling? The whole mountain has found them; we have waited patiently, and God has blessed our patience with victory.


#6 Ames Ntahayna – Yesterday we were finished (1984)

We would like to consider this song as our breakup song from our corrupted politicians.

Relatable lyrics: Yesterday, we ended everything, so there is no us and there is no him anymore; to the person who made the promise, let the promise be forgotten.


#7 Ta3a w La Tiji – Come and Don’t Come (1964)

This Fairouz song actually describes how our politicians are feeling these days. They feel entitled to come and protest with the people who actually don’t want them to come because the people are actually protesting against them.

You would think it would have made sense by now.

Relatable lyrics: Come and don’t come; and lie to me; promise me that you are coming and come; but do not come.


#8 Emi Namet Aa Bakir – My Mum Has Slept Early (1964)

This is for all those youths who are waiting for their parents to sleep so they can spend the night at the new “home of the nation,” the streets of our homeland…

Relatable lyrics: My mum has slept early and my dad has closed the gate; and I ran away from the window and went to the feast of the single people.


#9 Eh Fi Amal – Yes, There is Hope (2010)

Where there are people fighting for change in strong unity, there is always hope!

Relatable lyrics: There is hope, yes, there is hope; sometimes it comes out from boredom; and sometimes it comes out of some longing, for a moment to soothe some sadness.


#10 Btetloj El Dini – Ya Lebnan Bhebak. The Universe is Snowing – O Lebanon I Love You (1974)

Another reminder that we love Lebanon and we will fight for Lebanon till the world ends.

Relatable lyrics: I will hide you in my eyes and I will tell you a song; your snow is love and your sun is freedom; my nation is a story of glory.


#11 Bade 3amer Watani – I Want to Build my Nation

For the past month, this is what we have been claiming and demanding. We want to build our own nation on clean and health base and reclaim what is ours; like our rightful coastal public property and like our Independence Day that we now take over because it was always meant for the people, not the politicians.

Relatable lyrics: I want to build my nation the way I like; my face facing the wide valley and the sky is beside me; I want my nation to be like a sharp sword; lived by upcoming days and by freedom.


#12 Redni Ila Bledi – Bring me Back to my Country (1956)

This Fairouz song reflects what our expatriates feel every day away from Lebanon. To them, we assure them: Lebanon will always be waiting to welcome you back home.

Relatable lyrics: Bring me back to my country, to the breeze of the rainy clouds; with the light that comes from the shore and the valley; bring me back to my country.


#13 Teb’a Mayil – Do think of visiting (1970)

This song is our way to invite over all the politicians who abused their power and stole the money of the people to come clean in front of the law.

Relatable lyrics: Do think of visiting, do ask about us; just like old times keep on asking about us; I hope you do not get too busy; do send me a letter.


#14 Dajat Al Ahlam – The Dreams Erupted (1953)

Our dreams are closer to becoming reality, with voices and hopes louder than ever.

Relatable lyrics: Our path into the difficult road; towards the goals of a brighter tomorrow; we greet the youths.


#15 Li Beirut – To Beirut (1984)

My absolute favorite. We carry Beirut wherever we go in our hearts and we protect our city from all the greedy hands that come near it.

Relatable lyrics: Greetings from my heart to Beirut; kisses to the sea and to the houses; to a rock that is similar to an old sailor’s face…. Beirut… a glory from ashes


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