10 Spots For Food Lovers Visiting Nabatieh In South Lebanon

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Nabatieh in South Lebanon might be ancient in history and architecture but it is also lively with modernity, theaters, major shopping malls, famous brands, great restaurants, and entertainment venues. A rhapsody of old and new, ancient and modern.

If you are planning to visit this fascinating town of Lebanon, which you should really consider for the thrill of exploring its old souks, picturesque sights, and the Beaufort Castle, here are some eatery spots to have on your list.

Addict Burger – Mahmoud Fakih Street

If you’re the type who likes to go all messy style eating a richly delicious burger, this is your destination.

Buckle up and get ready to enjoy the juiciest burgers in the area. You are free to add golden fries and other toppings and appetizers.

For more info, contact 07763503.

Note: Addict Burger has also a branch in Beirut, at the Mouawad Roundabout.

Al Ostoura Restaurant – Nabatieh Market

The best shawarma in town is here. It is served with love and passion. Wanna go Lebanese style, ask the chef to serve extra garlic on top. You’ll also find a variety of broasted meals, like broasted chicken, broasted wings, etc. as well as salads.

For more information, contact 03764357.

Eat Vite Restaurant – Nazlet el Dimass

Eat Vite is a premium fast food Lebanese and international restaurant, offering a wide menu, including meat, chicken, appetizers, waffles, crepes, and more.

For more info, contact 71 145 111

Jamaica Hotdog – Nabatiye El Tahta

As the name suggests, Jamaica Hotdog makes the tastiest sizzling hotdogs in town. Other foods on its menu include burgers, tacos, tortillas, wings, chicken fingers, baked potato with steak, and more.

For more information, contact 71 649 774.

Crepeno’s – Marjayoûn street

Whether you’re visiting or just happen to be in Nabatieh, this place is a must-try. You will not regret munching those sweet delectable desserts – crepes, waffles, and pancakes.

For more information, contact 70 254 869

Al Abdallah Restaurant – Nabatiye El Tahta


This chicken, coal-roasted, is absolutely the top in Nabatieh. From BBQ chicken and combo to sandwiches, fries, and salads, including Tabbouleh.

For more information, contact: 7768145.

Ice Roll – Marjayoûn street

An ice cream parlor to make your day in Nabatieh even better! You’ll get to choose from a variety of sinfully tempting ice cream options and observe it being created in front of you on a sub-zero anti-griddle as the rolls take shape.

Take a look!

For more information, contact: 76 868 873.

Moge Tee – Spectrum Shopping mall

Located in the mall on the Nabatieh highway, Moge Tee is a Smoothie & Juice Bar of Japanese desserts and drinks where you can delight in the famous Bubble Tea that has become a worldwide trend.

The place offers also freshly blended fruit teas of natural ingredients and a variety of similar succulent delicacies, such as Japanese cheesecake, and more.

For more info, contact 3 085 803.

Moge Tee has also opened a branch in Brummana.

Glasius – House of Gelato

For the lovers of Italian gelatos. Glasius offers ice cream of fresh and mouth-watering flavors that you might have not ever thought of.

With the tempting colors, you will find delicious flavors like Kinder Bueno, Lemon sorbet, cookies and cream, all fruity ones, even vanilla, and the famous Kashta – Clotted cream with pistachio topping.

For more information, contact 7 764 004.

Beit El Kel Restaurant – Kfaroumen Roundabout

Western and Eastern food. This is what Beit El Kel has on its menu which will give you an undeniable experience.

This place will make you feel at home with their crispy fries, on-spot mixed ingredients to a nicely served burger, Mexican, Chinese, or other chicken styles. It also offers delish wrap – Shawarma, Tawook, etc…

All along, comes this terrace that is not only perfect for a relaxed evening but also has a nice view and is overall a chill place.

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