10 Spots You Must Go Clubbing At in Lebanon

We, Lebanese, hold our partying reputation high and wide. No secret there. We love life, we love to enjoy it fully, and we have extraordinary venues to do so, some of which have ranked among the best in the world. No wonder Beirut has been continuously sought for its sprightly nightlife by partygoers from around the world.


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However, our capital is not our only city that bubbles with extraordinary parties till sunrise. That love for partying of ours extends across the country, with unique clubbing experiences in various cities of ours. 

So, if you are new to town or are visiting Lebanon from abroad and wondering where to go, we got you! Here are our recommendations for a merry night (or several) to remember:


#1 Music Hall Beirut

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Located on Waterfront Beirut near Zaytouna Bay, Music Hall is one of the most visited venues for its great acoustics and focus on music. After all, it’s in the name! Guests of this club have been enjoying various acts from different styles of music, including rock and oriental. 


#2 AHM

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Also on the Waterfront, AHM is a newer addition to the nightlife scene in Lebanon. It hosts a variety of acts, from electronic DJ sets to radio pop hits, depending on which night you go. No matter the music, the venue is full of lights that dance to the beat of each song, so the experience is not one to miss. 


#3 Frozen Cherry (Zaarour)

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Frozen Cherry is a favorite summer hangout for those who don’t like to be in the hustle and bustle of Beirut. It’s located near Zaarour Country Club and is known for its amazing views. They are open during the day as well and often hold sunset DJ sets that go well into the night. There is even a converted shipping container as an indoor club space.


#4 Al Mandaloun

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This popular night club in Mar Mikhael, Beirut, provides a memorable night with live musical acts and its distinct lighting decorations. It’s become an iconic club in the Lebanese nightlife scene over the past few years, and it’s still going strong!


#5 Odin (Kfardebian)

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This architectural structure of shipping containers in the Mzaar, Kfardebian area serves as a unique night out in the mountains of Kesserwan. In addition to the indoor shipping container space, there is a large lawn with oversized bean bags and pallet benches. It primarily offers electronic music, and there is a cool light-up tee-pee on the outdoor dancefloor. 


#6 Matter Beirut

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This hotspot in Dbayeh, north of Beirut, offers a good time for all, with live acts from different genres. It’s lined with lights and gets packed over the weekends, so you know it’s bringing the entertainment. 


#7 Iris Beirut

Via Lebanon Traveler

This rooftop club sitting on the Beirut Waterfront is a popular spot for nightlife lovers. It overlooks the Mediterranean Sea, and it’s perfect for a summer night out to enjoy the sea breeze. The bar is fully stocked and offers a variety of cocktails, and there are live acts from different genres playing music, often sunset sets during the summer. 


#8 Frolic (Byblos)

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Situated in the old streets of Byblos, Frolic provides a different kind of night out with a more rustic setting. They typically have a range of live acts varying from oriental to Latin style music. You can sit out on one of their patio tables to watch passersby or enjoy the interior environment and dance inside. 


#9 The Ballroom Blitz

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This venue in the Doura area near Harley Davidson is also a newer addition to the Beirut nightlife scene. It consists of three different rooms, where you can roam from one to the next to change the atmosphere. The Ballroom Blitz usually hosts local and international electronic DJs from all over, and even recently they hosted the famous Boiler Room live streaming collective.


#10 The Garten

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The Garten is an extension of Beirut’s Uberhaus and serves as its summer venue. Located on the Beirut Waterfront, The Garten is a breezy electronic club that changes its setup yearly with different lights and the positioning of its bar and lounge areas. The seasonal lineup usually consists of a mix of local and international DJs from many different places, and the light show is not one to forget.


Lebanon is known for its spectacular nightlife offerings, and these recommendations won’t disappoint! If you suddenly grow a “wild hair” to go out, check out these places for a good time.