The 10 Tallest Buildings in Lebanon

Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Lebanon
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Since the reconstruction of Lebanon’s capital began in 1991 after a 15 year-long civil war, tall buildings and skyscrapers began to soar in its skies over the years.

Today, numerous high-rise structures define Beirut’s urban landscape.

The following are the 10 tallest buildings in Lebanon, as of 2020.

#10 Hilton Habtoor Grand Hotel

  • Height: 130 meters.
  • Floors: 30.

Hilton Habtoor Grand Hotel is a 5-star hotel in Sin el-Fil, east of Beirut. Its construction finished in 2005 and it’s the 10th tallest building in Lebanon.

#9 Credit Libanais headquarters

  • Height: 133 meters.
  • Floors: 34.

The headquarters of the Credit Libanais bank is located in Corniche el-Nahr in the Lebanese capital. It has been one of the tallest Lebanese towers since it was opened in 2015.

#8 Place Pasteur

  • Height: 140 meters.
  • Floors: 36.

The 36-floor tower of the Place Pasteur residential project in the heart of Ashrafieh is currently the 8th tallest structure in Lebanon.

It shares the 8th spot with the Les Domes de Sursock (28 floors) and La Citadelle towers (34 floors), both of which are also 140 meters tall.

#7 Marina Tower

  • Height: 150 meters.
  • Floors: 27.

Marina Tower, the high-rise apartment building of the Marina Towers residential complex has been standing at 150 meters near the Beirut Marina, in the capital’s central district, since its construction work finished in 2007.

#6 Abdel Wahab 618 – Star I

  • Height: 152 meters.
  • Floors: 37.

Star I, the tallest of the 5 Star buildings in the Abdel Wahab 618 residential project, is the 6th tallest tower in Lebanon. It is located in Ashrafieh and its construction was completed in 2017.

Star I shares the 6th spot with Platinum Tower (34 floors), which is also 152 meters tall. Platinum Tower reigned as the tallest completed building in Lebanon between 2008 and 2014.

#5 20|30 – Block A

  • Height: 155 meters.
  • Floors: 30.

The first tower of the 20|30 residential project, also known as Ashrafieh 20|30, is the 5th tallest Lebanese tower. It was developed by Jamil Saab & Co. and its construction was completed in 2017.

#4 Al-Murr Tower

  • Height: 157 meters.
  • Floors: 40.

Although the construction of Al-Murr Tower has been paused since the Lebanese Civil War erupted in 1975, the current height of the unfinished skyscraper earns it the 4th place among Lebanon’s tallest buildings.

#3 Sky Gate

  • Height: 181 meters.
  • Floors: 44.

The third tallest tower in Lebanon is the award-winning Sky Gate skyscraper which, upon its completion in 2014 in Ashrafieh, became the tallest tower in Lebanon until 2016.

Its unique design by the Lebanese architect Nabil Gholam earned it the international real-estate award MIPIM.

#2 FortyFour

  • Height: 185 meters.
  • Floors: 44.

DEMCO Properties’ FortyFour is a relatively new residential, commercial, and office tower that stands in Dekwaneh, north of Beirut. Its construction was finished in 2017 and it has been the second tallest building in Lebanon since then.

#1 Sama Beirut

  • Height: 195 meters.
  • Floors: 50.

Finally, Sama Beirut is the absolute tallest building in Lebanon. It stands at 195 meters in the Sodeco region of Beirut, where it was opened in 2016.

It features residential, commercial, and office sections, and won the Arabian Property Awards in 2016.

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