10+ Things About Melhem Khalaf That Make Him So Popular in Lebanon

Ahmad Azakir/Annahar

The head of the Beirut Bar Association, Melhem Khalaf, is a breath of fresh air in an intoxicating environment riddled by politics. His strong presence has been a source of fuel to the revolution, reminding the Lebanese citizens to stand up against corruption.

Over time, he’s given the people more and more reasons to love him. It’s no surprise that Lebanese all over the country ‘stan’ him – especially young people.

#1 First, he’s independent.

#2 He stood by the 86-year old lawyer who was kicked out of court by a judge

#3 He visited prisoners who don’t have lawyers and saw that they get represented

#4 He has helped inmates stuck in jail for not being able to pay their fines

#5 He’s taking care of inmates during the coronavirus situation

#6 He is ‘for the people’ in a passionate way

#7 He spoke up against the banks when it was needed

#8 He stood up against corruption many times

#9 He’s unique and represents something we’re not used to

#10 He restored hope for Lebanon again

#11 He’s a presence much needed in the country

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